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Combustion map
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Figure 42-21 shows the resulting planet as the explosion first starts.
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" I f we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it "
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Further Reading
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Section stands for cross section. The Section shape is a cross section of the edges of any 3D object through which the Section s cutting plane passes. The process consists of dragging in the viewport to create a cross-sectioning plane. You can then move, rotate, or scale the
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Video effects are special effects applied to video clips, photos, or titles in the Storyboard. To see the effects available to you, click Effects in the Collections pane, or choose Effects from the Location button in the toolbar. Each effect is represented by an icon and name in the contents pane. To see an example of how an effect looks when applied to a clip, double-click its name or icon. The effect is played against a photo in the monitor. To apply a special effect to a video or photo clip in the Storyboard, drag its icon from the contents pane onto the clip in the Storyboard as illustrated in Figure 25.14. FIGURE 25.14
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In the MVA for mixed queueing networks, and especially in the MVALDMX algorithm, the procedure is to consider the performance measures for open and closed classes separately from each other. At first the performance measures of the closed classes are computed and then the performance measures of the open classes are computed. This separation can be achieved in the MVALDMX algorithm by checking the marginal probabilities of different job combinations. In [BBA84] a recursive equation is given for the computation of the conditional probabilities ni(lc, K) such that there are exactly Ic jobs of the closed job classes at node i for a given population K. This equation is only valid for the closed job classes. This recursive equation is the only one necessary for the analysis of mixed, load-dependent queueing networks:
Period 1 $1,000 $10,000 $11,000 1,000 $11.00 $11,000
from many papers to another piece of paper (or even into an Excel spreadsheet). You may use a spreadsheet or calculator to analyze the data or display it in new and interesting ways. An Access database is nothing more than an automated version of the filing and retrieval functions of a paper filing system. Access databases store information in a carefully defined structure. Access tables store a variety of different kinds of data, from simple lines of text (such as name and address) to complex data such as pictures, sounds, or video images. Storing data in a precise format enables a database management system (DBMS) like Access to turn data into useful information. Tables serve as the primary data repository in an Access database. Queries, forms, and reports provide access to the data, enabling a user to add or extract data, and presenting the data in useful ways. Most developers add macros or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code to forms and reports to make their Access applications easier to use. A relational database management system (RDBMS), such as Access, stores data in related tables. For example, a table containing employee data (names and addresses) may be related to a table containing payroll information (pay date, pay amount, and check number). Queries allow the user to ask complex questions (such as What is the sum of all paychecks issued to Jane Doe in 2012 ) from these related tables, with the answers displayed as onscreen forms and printed reports. In fact, one of the fundamental differences between a relational database and a manual filing system is that, in a relational database system, data for a single individual person or item may be stored in separate tables. For example, in a patient management system, the patient s name, address, and other contact information is likely to be stored in a different table than the table holding patient treatments. In fact, the treatment table holds all treatment information for all patients, and a patient identifier (usually a number) is used to look up an individual patient s treatments in the treatment table. In Access, a database is the overall container for the data and associated objects. It s more than the collection of tables, however a database includes many types of objects, including queries, forms, reports, macros, and code modules. Access works a single database at a time. As you open an Access database, the objects (tables, queries, and so on) in the database are presented for you to work with. You may open several copies of Access at the same time and simultaneously work with more than one database, if needed. Many Access databases contain hundreds, or even thousands, of tables, forms, queries, reports, macros, and modules. With a few exceptions, all the objects in an Access database reside within a single file with an extension of .accdb, .accde, or .adp.
rocedure for Preparing White Stocks
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