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Mean value Squared coefficient of variation
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Windows XP should restart with the programs from your previous version of Windows open and running.
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Part IV: Professional Database Development
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When you connect two computers in a Bluetooth network, you can move and copy multiple files between computers using the techniques described under Transferring Files between Computers in 63. That s the quickest and easiest way to do it, providing that you know how to select files and use drag-and-drop techniques described in 14. You can also use the Send a File and Receive a File options on the Bluetooth Devices shortcut menu as an alternative. However, you can t move files that way, and you can only copy one file at a time. So, this method usually is best for transferring files to a noncomputer Bluetooth device. But still, if you want to transfer one file between computers using this method, here are the steps: 1. On the computer to which you plan to send a file, right-click the Bluetooth Devices icon in the Notification area and choose Receive a file. The Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard opens and waits for you to send a file from the other computer. 2. On the computer that contains the file you want to copy, right-click the Bluetooth Devices notification icon and choose Send a file. 3. In the wizard that opens, click the Browse button, choose the computer (or device) to which you want to send the file, and then click OK. 4. If the two devices are already paired using a passkey, the passkey options will be disabled, and you can ignore those options. Just click Next.
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The Lens Effects Focus dialog box, shown in Figure 49-24, includes options for adding Scene Blur, Radial Blur, and Focal Node effects. If you click the Select button, the Select Focal Object dialog box opens and lets you choose an object to act as the focal point for the scene.
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You can also specify the output for a mono channel or for an RGB channel. For maps that use only the monochrome information in the image (such as an opacity map), the Mono Channel as RGB Intensity or Alpha option can be used. For maps that use color information (for example, a diffuse map), the RGB Channel can be RGB (full color) or Alpha as Gray. The Cropping/Placement controls enable you to crop or place the image. Cropping is the process of cutting out a portion of the image, and Placing is resizing the image while maintaining the entire image. The View Image button opens the image in a Cropping/Placement dialog box, shown in Figure 25-8. The rectangle is available within the image when Crop mode is selected. You can move the handles of this rectangle to specify the crop region.
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(cap(i): capacity [Table 2.91
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De nition 4.6.1
7. Poach the sh in the court bouillon. 8. Drain well. Top each portion with 11 2 oz (45 mL) sauce and serve immediately.
The JavaCC Parser Generator [21]. JavaCC generates recursive descent parsers in Java. So, its popularity is mostly due to the popularity of the Java platform, and simplicity of recursive descent, as we ve already noted above in this chapter. The input le of JavaCC contains both the lexer and the parser speci cations. If the input grammar is not LL(1), JavaCC allows for resolving shift shift con icts by lookahead, which allows using semantic information for con ict resolution. Unlike many other parser generators, JavaCC allows us to use EBNF constructs (which is quite comfortable) in de ning input grammars. Similar to yacc++, JavaCC supports special tokens ignored by parsing (for processing purely lexical constructs, like comments). JavaCC enables good error diagnostics. An extra advantage of JavaCC is its good debugging capabilities: The user can track down in detail both lexical analysis and parsing. Here is a small self-evident example of an input le for JavaCC to specify the syntax of a list of identi ers (the le should have the .jj extension): void identi er_list() : {} { <ID> ( , <ID> )* } The SableCC parser generator [24]. SableCC is an object-oriented lexical analyzer generator, LALR(1) parser generator, and AST framework generator. All the compiler code is generated in Java. Here is a simple example of a translator of expressions into post x form written in SableCC. The name of the le is post x.grammar: Package post x; Tokens number = [ 0 .. 9 ]+; plus = + ; minus = - ; mult = * ; div = / ;
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