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Source-destination pairs, long available on Bay/Nortel and recently introduced on Cisco, are a good compromise between the reduced processing load of destination caches and the bandwidth efficiency of round robin. See the section on multilink paths later in the chapter for alternatives at the data link layer.
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Label Edge Router 2
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Increase in the respective measure Decrease in the respective measure Confidence level or -quantile of a cumulative probability distribution or constant Stock market beta of asset i as derived in the market model version of the CAPM or constant Change in value or option delta N(d1) Random change in return Unit cost for volatility of the bank s portfolio of nonhedgable cash flows Expected rate of return of transaction i Drift rate or expected return on a bank s assets or expected value of a distribution Inverse standard normal cumulative density function Correlation between the rate of return of transaction i and j or default correlation between loan i and j Constant asset volatility Standard deviation (volatility) of the rate of return of transaction or index i Covariance between i and j Variance of weekly stock returns Specific risk Correlation matrix of value changes in the portfolio positions Portfolio weight of the i-th credit asset Indicator for a first proxy Asset(s) Number of years of data history in the event database in category j
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Social capital refers to social networks, norms of reciprocity, mutual assistance, and trustworthiness. High-performance organizations manage their social capital both within the department and without. Teams and teamwork are an important form of social capital that analytic leaders must become adroit at managing. Dr. David Porter, assistant professor of management at Howard University, drove home three key points to a group of over 40 IT executives at UCLA s Managing the Information Resource Program:10 1. A team is different from a group. 2. A team is a group of people working together to accomplish a task. Teams have: Common goal, mission, purpose or task, accepted by all members. Interdependence within the team in accomplishing the task. Shared decision making in how to do the task. Mutual accountability for task performance. A sense of sink or swim together as a group. 3. Building/forming teams is a good idea when: Everyone s buy-in is needed. There is no clear answer. The task is complex. There is too much or not enough information. There is a strong bias. Creative ideas are needed. The problem crosses function. The solution affects many people. The effectiveness of teams should be measured on three dimensions: 1. Output. Tasks, decisions, products, and/or services to meet your goals and standards. 2. Learning. The experience of working together enhances the capability and willingness of all involved to learn during the work experience and opens their minds to future learning opportunities.
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A termination script can be a very helpful thing to have during the termination meeting. Not only will it help to ensure that you don t forget to mention an important piece of information, and it will provide one last piece of documentation for your employee s personnel file (which you should retain for at least seven years after terminating the employee). Rehearse your script several times before you go into the termination meeting.
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CrossReference You can customize the Command Panel like the other toolbars. Customizing the Command Panel is covered in 5, Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences.
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If the thing you re looking for doesn t show up in your search, first check your spelling. Make sure the word you re searching for matches something on your computer. For example, if you re looking for photos of your dog named Spot, a search for Spot won t find them unless the photos have Spot in the filename, tags, or properties. There isn t a whole lot of space to show things on the Start menu. Some things might not show up just because there isn t enough room. To see more items, click Show all results at the bottom of the Start menu.
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Right on schedule, the Worksoft B2B team delivered the product to SoftCo at the end of 2006. The new product was released in January 2007, and is now already successfully in use at leading IT companies around the world.
Appendix: Bankrate Form Letters 165
How do you decide which clients are right for you For some, the very prospect of revenue provides enough incentive to take on almost any business. Given the pressure on sellers to make their numbers, a few stinkers will probably land on their books. And with some buyers, you won t know you made a bad sale until the work gets under way and the surprises start coming at you. Still, taking pains to avoid the albatrosses and choose the best clients for your practice fuels your growth and de nes your future. Your business is a re ection of your clients, and the perceived quality of your client list affects your ability to attract new business. Scroll through the client list of any services business and you ll know how successful that company has been and where it is headed.
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Now you need to do a little math to figure out how much you need to reduce the picture to get it to the size you want. In this case, I d probably just shrink a picture to about 25 percent of its current size, which gets it down to about the 640 x 480 range (give or take a few pixels). The next step is to make a copy of the picture. You never want to shrink or reduce the quality of your original picture. You always want to keep that one because it s the best one for printing and editing. A simple way to do that would be to right-click the picture s icon and choose Copy. Then press Ctrl+V to paste. The copy has the same name as the original picture followed by Copy. You can rename that to something more meaningful. For example, change Copy to (Small). Next, right-click the copied picture s icon and choose Open With Paint. (This only works if Paint is installed and if the picture you re working with is compatible with Paint.) Once in Paint, choose Image Resize/Skew. Then set the Horizontal and Vertical Size options to the percent value you want. For example, in Figure 15.25 I set those each to 25%. FIGURE 15.25
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