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ayPal is a popular service that allows people to send and receive money online. Its most popular feature is the ability to let average people accept credit card payments online for a small per-transaction fee and without a merchant account. PayPal offers an off-site hosted shopping cart service, meaning that you don t need to worry about installing any server software or CGI scripts. Your site doesn t even need to be secure because financial transactions occur on PayPal s servers. You simply plug their shopping cart HTML code and use the buy buttons that appear on your page, as shown in Figures 47.1 (CP 63) and 47.2 (CP 64). To complete this technique, you must have a PayPal ID. To become a PayPal member, visit www.PayPal.com and complete the sign-up process. After becoming a PayPal member, you need to link a bank account to your PayPal account in order to receive credit card deposits. PayPal offers other financial arrangements as well for more information, visit their Web site. To install an extension, download or copy the MXP file to your computer and double-click it to begin the setup process.
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Figure 24-8: The Paint Level value sets the number of colors used in the material The rest of the options in the Ink Controls rollout are enabled to control where the ink is applied to the object. Options include Outline, Overlap, Underlap, Smoothing Group, and Material ID. For each of these options (except for Smoothing Group), you can alter a Bias value that can adjust intersecting edges. Each of these options can be applied as a map.
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Per serving: Calories, 140; Protein, 4 g; Fat, 6 g (37% cal.); Cholesterol, 45 mg; Carbohydrates, 19 g; Fiber, 1 g; Sodium, 230 mg.
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To create desktop or Quick Launch shortcuts to some Ease of Access tools, click the Start button and choose All Programs Accessories Ease of Access. Then right-click any item that shows and choose Add to Quick Launch or Send To Desktop (create shortcut).
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Medical information used to be expensive and only available to healthcare professionals. The Internet has changed all that. [W]hile waiting in line at my local drugstore an elderly woman in front of me argued with the pharmacist. She was worried about the interaction of several medications she was taking. No, the pharmacist kept saying, that s wrong. There s nothing to worry about. Finally, steadying herself on her walker, the woman pulled a printout from her purse and shook it in his face. I downloaded this information! she told him triumphantly. 10 Everyone following the exploding, expanding, evolving eld of analytics talks about the impact the Internet has had. Today, not only is medical information available online; so too are healthcare analytics. Informed healthcare consumers using basic computational functionality (i.e., an Internet connection and a search engine) can now gain access to clinical trials. Armed with this information, they are changing the conversation they are having with their physician. There is a New Know going on here. Medical Web sites, originally designed for certi ed medical professionals, are increasingly making themselves patient-friendly. Ian Ayres has written an important book about analytics Super Crunchers. He succinctly captures how analytics is transforming the practice (at least the education) of future doctors. The New England Journal of Medicine published a description of rounds at a New York teaching hospital. A fellow in allergy and immunology presented the case of an infant with diarrhea; an unusual rash [ alligator skin ]; multiple immunologic abnormalities, including low T-cell function; tissue eosinophilia [of the gastric mucosa] as well as peripheral eosinophilia; and an apparent X-linked genetic pattern [several male relatives died in infancy]. The attending physicians and house staff, after a long discussion, couldn t reach any consensus as to the correct diagnosis. Finally, the professor asked the fellow if she had made a diagnosis, and she reported she had indeed and mentioned a rare syndrome known as IPEX which t the symptoms perfectly. When the fellow was asked to explain how she arrived at
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The man about whom Luk cs was writing is Sir Walter Scott. His words reveal that Scott s historical novels and Mann s historical lm are dramatic concentrations of their epic frameworks that awaken vanished ages before our eyes. The fact that Luk cs s words about Scott are applicable to Mann s lm without even the slightest change tells us much about the latter s quality as historical ction.114 The Fall of the Roman Empire exhibits most of the virtues and few of the vices found in ctionalized historical narratives told on the grandest scale, whether in word or image. Gladiator is a lm unthinkable without its model. Rome, a television series shown in 2005 and 2007, rebuilt a large-size Forum and took more than seven times as long as Mann s lm to tell a ctional story about the fall of the Roman Republic. A few other
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Closing an instance of an Automation object
Intercontinental distribution using confederations.
Many governments are thinking of issuing their citizens with public key cer-
Employee satisfaction score (based on an employee survey). Employee retention ratio (number of employees at end of year [excluding new employees joined during year] number of employees at start of year). Average number of training days per employee. Proportion of employees with quali cations. Use these measures selectively to set achievable goals and monitor them monthly through your management information system. Arrange monthly management meetings to review departmental plans. Quarterly review meetings of the strategic plan can be brief, unless of course major external change is imminent that could force you to set a new direction for the business. If changes are required to either the strategic plan or operational plans, record decisions and changes systematically and follow up at the next meeting. Changes to strategy will almost certainly require alterations to all operational plans, so it is just as well that your key managers appreciate the exibility of the planning process. Nothing should be cast in stone!
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