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83 Cf. Birley, Septimius Severus, 37 39. In general see Werner Eck, Emperor, Senate and Magistrates, in The High Empire, 214 237. 84 Cf. Hassall, The Army, 325, and Birley, Marcus Aurelius, 207. 85 For the date see Birley, Septimius Severus, 59. By long-standing precedent the Praetorian Prefect should have been at the emperor s side; cf. Eck, The Emperor and His Advisers, 198. 86 On Marcus intellectual environment see especially Birley, Marcus Aurelius, 69 115 (chapters entitled The Education of an Heir Apparent and The Stoic Prince ). 87 Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 1.11; cf. Birley, Marcus Aurelius, 25. 88 Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 1.7 and 17.
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ing on general, as compared to speci c, deterrence. A further confusion is presented by the interests of the government and the courts in using nes to promote self-suf ciency in the criminal justice effort by paying for such activities such as breath tests, police patrols and court expenses.
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o understand networking requirements, it s not a bad start to understand military history and plumbing. The military gave us the idea of policies, which, in a peaceful world, are guidance for imposing business objectives onto resources. Plumbing gives us a great many useful analogies for understanding data flow. The concept of policy most likely originated in the Prussian General Staff in the 14th or 15th century. In the military tradition, policy is a form of guidance given to a subordinate, to guide the subordinate to act, in a given situation, as if he or she were the responsible commander who issued the policy. Originally, policies were not synonyms for rules; they were intended for intelligent people who could make independent decisions. Please join me in a moment of raw hostility to the myriad of functionaries in modern life who deflect a pointed question with the meaningless incantation, It s our policy. The most irritating of such functionaries tend to be encountered in medical institutions, when you are on a table, in a gown that hardly conveys Olympian dignity. At such times, I find it beneficial to describe myself not as a patient, but as an impatient, and point out to staff their misconception that I am somehow
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This book s CD includes a very simple HTML file named CustomerTypes.html. The data in this file is, perhaps, overly simplistic, but it gives you the opportunity to practice linking to HTML documents. Because of the wide variety of ways that data is stored in HTML documents, it isn t possible to generalize an approach to linking to HTML data. However, as you gain proficiency with the ability to link to external data sources, you might find linking to HTML a valuable addition to your Access skills.
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Expected Return
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Part I Learning the Max Interface
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Before you click the Disk Cleanup tool, be forewarned that the process could take several minutes, maybe longer. It s never necessary to use Disk Cleanup to get rid of temporary files.
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122 On this cf. Winkler, Cinema and the Fall of Rome, 146 147, and Solomon, The Ancient World in the Cinema, 85 86 and g. 54. Marcus Junkelmann, Hollywood s Traum von Rom: Gladiator und die Tradition des Monumental lms (Mainz: von Zabern, 2004), 274 281, provides a detailed assessment of the set s accuracies and some errors not mentioned below in my discussion of Commodus triumphal procession through the Forum. 123 Peter J. Aicher, Guide to the Aqueducts of Ancient Rome (Wauconda: Bolchazy-Carducci, 1995), 51 (map 4.F) and 67 68. The discussion by Samuel Ball Platner, The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome, 2nd ed. (Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1911), 98 99 and g. 17 (map of Palatine Hill, between pages 128 and 129), is outdated, but his map more clearly lays out the spatial relationships of the ancient streets and monuments. 124 Cf. Platner, The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome, 258 260. 125 On this see Platner, The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome, 64 66 and 117 123.
if (KErrNone!=r) // RunError() didn t handle the error, Error(r); // call CActiveScheduler::Error() } break; // Event handled, break out of lookup loop and resume } } // End of FOREVER loop }
Most breads are high on the glycemic index, which means they break down to sugar very fast and provide a burst of energy. But this may be quickly followed by
For the small sum of 85,000 deutsche marks, which translated into just $21,600 in three lump-sum payments, no less Mattel bought G&H s Bild-Lilli copyright and its German and U.S. patent rights. And for another 15,000 deutsche marks, or $3,800, G&H gave Mattel the rights to Marx s marketing territories when its license expired in 1970. (In 1972, Marx Toys was sold to Quaker Oats and subsequently went out of business.) Aside from what appeared to be a giveaway to Mattel, G&H, represented in the negotiations by managing director Rolf Hausser, agreed not to produce any dolls similar to Barbie or Bild-Lilli, or to produce or sell any doll with the names Bild-Lilli, Lilli, or Barbie. Mattel af rmed it would not use the names Lilli, or Bild-Lilli. And why would it Barbie already was its star. While Mattel continued generating enormous pro ts from Barbie, G&H oundered. In 1983, bankruptcy proceedings were initiated, and the rm was essentially out of business two years later. But in May 2001, in Germany, Rolf Hausser s wife, acting as the court-appointed liquidator for G&H, took new legal action against Mattel. The lawsuit alleged that fraud was involved in the 1964 agreements. G&H claimed it had been induced to accept a at fee for the 1964 licenses based on material misrepresentations by Mattel regarding the number of Barbie dolls it was selling in Germany and internationally, according to court records. G&H asserted that it would have insisted on a per doll royalty had it known the actual volume of Barbie sales. G&H asked the German court to declare the 1964 agreements nonbinding, and sought damages based on an appropriate royalty for every Barbie doll sold by Mattel since 1964, which would amount to hundreds of millions of dollars or more. Germany has always seemed to play a pivotal role in the genealogy of Barbie. One of Mattel s rst forays into the international market was in Bild-Lilli s homeland in the early 1960s, through the licensing of distributorships. We found out the things we were doing were wrong, Ruth Handler told the Los Angeles Times. Then we set up to penetrate the markets in a more businesslike way. For instance, Mattel purchased a small, vacant doll factory in the West German town of Barbenhausen, and nicknamed it Barbiehausen. In response to the latest G&H lawsuit, Mattel initiated its own action against the company, Rolf Hausser, and his wife, MargaretheLilly Hausser. Mattel stated in federal court in Los Angeles that the
Continuation characters can be inserted almost anywhere within a VBA statement. (You can t split individual words in a statement with continuation characters.) It makes sense, therefore, to insert the continuation character sequence in places (such as in Figure 11.2) that add to the readability of long statements. In Figure 11.2, inserting a continuation after each comma breaks the statement into logical sections. Putting continuations anywhere else in this statement would make it harder to read. Another powerful feature of the Access code editor is the text colors used to set aside comments, keywords, and identifiers. Although it s not obvious in this book s figures, the comments in Figure 11.1 and Figure 11.2 appear in a green font, while the VBA keywords like Function, Const, and If are blue. Identifiers like conObjStateClosed and conDesignView, as well as the procedure name IsLoaded in Figure 11.1, are black.
The value of history is that it helps us understand the present and the future. In food service, knowledge of our professional heritage helps us see why we do things as we do, how our cooking techniques have been developed and refined, and how we can continue to develop and innovate in the years ahead. An important lesson of history is that the way we cook now is the result of the work done by countless chefs over hundreds of years.Cooking is as much science as it is art. Cooking techniques are not based on arbitrary rules that some chefs made up long ago.Rather,they are based on an understanding of how different foods react when heated in various ways, when combined in various proportions, and so on.The chefs who have come before us have already done much of this work so we don t have to. This doesn t mean there is no room for innovation and experimentation or that we should never challenge old ideas. But it does mean a lot of knowledge has been collected over the years, and we would be smart to take advantage of what has already been learned. Furthermore, how can we challenge old ideas unless we know what those old ideas are Knowledge is the best starting point for innovation.
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