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16.7.4 Differences Between E-War and I-War
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The word garnish is derived from a French word meaning to adorn or to furnish. In English, we use the word to mean to decorate or embellish a food item by the addition of other items. The word is used also for the decorative items themselves. This de nition,at rst,seems vague because it could include just about anything.To many people, the word garnish means a sprig of parsley haphazardly placed on the plate. Just as common is the practice in some restaurants of adopting a single garnish and using it routinely on every plate,from prime rib to batter-fried shrimp.No one garnish is appropriate for every plate,just as no one side dish is appropriate for every plate. In fact,the term garnish has been used for a great variety of preparations and techniques in the history of classical and modern cuisines.Today,the use of parsley sprigs on every plate has become rare, and we are again using the word garnish in a more traditional way.
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Figure 44-9: The Rendering panel in the Preference Settings dialog box lets you set global rendering settings. The Video Color Check options specify how unsafe video colors are flagged or corrected. The Flag with black option shows the unsafe colors, and the Scale Luma and Scale Saturation options correct them by scaling either the luminance or the saturation until they are in range. You can also choose to check NTSC or PAL formats.
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As your movie is playing or paused, right-click on the movie. Or right-click an empty area to the left of the play controls and choose View Video Size. Then choose options as summarized: n Fit Video to Player on Resize: If selected, this option prevents Media Player from cropping the movie when the size of the video is larger than the program window. When you resize the program window to smaller than the dimensions of the video, the movie is resized as well. n Fit Player to Video on Start: If selected, Windows Media Player automatically resizes its own program window to avoid cropping out a portion of the movie when you first start playing a DVD movie or video.
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It s the same basic idea using Explorer. Open any folder (Documents will do). Then type or paste the FTP site s address into the Breadcrumb menu box and press Enter. Typically, the Log On As dialog box shown in Figure 19.9 opens automatically. Fill in the Log On As dialog box as follows: n If the FTP site allows anonymous access, choose Log on anonymously and then click Log On. n Otherwise enter your user name and password. Optionally, choose Save Password so you don t have to log on each time. Then click Log On. Either way, the FTP site opens looking much like any folder on your local computer. To copy files to or from the FTP site, first open a local folder without disturbing the folder that s showing the FTP site. For example, click Start and then click your user name. Then navigate to a local folder to which you want to copy files, or to the local folder that contains files you want to copy to the FTP site. Then size and position the two folder windows so you can see at least a portion of each, like the example in Figure 19.10. Once you have the two windows open like that, you can just drag items from the FTP folder to the local folder to download them. To upload, drag items from the local folder to the FTP folder.
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Determines the form s picture alignment.
Let s say that you re, and you send an e-mail to When you click the Send button, the message travels to s outgoing mail sever, and then gets handed to the Internet. The Internet doesn t know exactly where is located. But it knows where s incoming mail server is, so it hands the message to that server. s mail server then stores a copy of the message. When Hank logs in and checks his e-mail, he sees only e-mail messages addressed to He doesn t see, and can t download, other people s messages. When sends a message to, the same process happens in reverse. Hank s message gets handed to his ISP s outgoing mail server, which in turns hands it off to the Internet. The Internet hands it of to s incoming mail server, where the message sits until checks her e-mail. It s pretty simple, really. The program you use on your computer to send and receive e-mail is called your e-mail client. There are many e-mail clients on the market. The one that comes with Windows XP is called Outlook Express. The one that comes with Microsoft Office is called Outlook. In many cases, you use your Web browser as your e-mail client. For example, AOL users don t have an e-mail client separate from their Web browser. The same is true for people with MSN accounts. You can do e-mail from MSN Explorer or Internet Explorer. Some ISPs give you the choice of using your Web browser or an e-mail client. Some don t give you that choice. Since there are thousands of ISPs, I can t tell you exactly what your choices are. Only your ISP can tell you that. In fact, only your ISP can tell you how to do e-mail, because each ISP is free to set up its e-mail service as it sees fit.
Part III Managing Files and Folders
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