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But, unlike the discrete time case, Eq. (2.38) cannot be solved easily and used directly for computing the state probabilities. Rather, it has to be transformed into a system of differential equations which, in turn, leads us to the required results. For this purpose, we define the instantaneous transition rates qij(t) (i # j) of the CTMC traveling from state i to state j. These transition rates are related to conditional transition probabilities. Consider the period of time [t, t + At), where At is chosen such that Cj,-s qij(t)At + o(k) = 18. The non-negative, finite, continuous functions qij(t) can be shown to exist under rather general conditions. For all states i, j , i # j , we define: f&j(t)= lim
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Problem SHARPE.
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Figure 41-6: Overlapping scenes in the timeline If you need to increase or decrease the overlap only slightly, stay in the Timeline View and click on the second scene in the transition. Then, choose Clip Nudge Left or Clip Nudge Right. Each nudge equates to about three-fourths of a second in duration.
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You can automatically add a signature to the bottom of every e-mail message you send. The signature could be as simple as your name. Or it can be you name, e-mail address, and any other text you want. For example, if you have your own Web site, you can include its URL in your signature. Creating a signature is easy:
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Doneness of smaller birds is determined in the following ways. 1. 2. 3. 4. Looseness of joints.The leg moves freely in its socket. Clear juices. Juices inside the cavity of a roasted bird are clear yellow rather than cloudy and red or pink. Flesh separating from bone. Muscles begin to pull away from bones, especially breastbone and leg bones.Excessively shrunken esh means it s overcooked and dry. Firmness to touch.Test with nger pressure as you would a steak (see p.276).This method is especially useful for saut ed boneless chicken breasts.
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Figure 42-6: You can use the PBomb Space Warp with the PArray particle system to create explosions.
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Relaxation Training
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This means that C-class objects, which are always created on the heap as described in 4, are not leave-safe unless they are otherwise accessible for safe destruction (for example, as member variables of an object which is destroyed regardless of the leave). R-class objects are generally not leave-safe either, since the resources they own must be freed in the event of a leave (through a call to the appropriate Close() or Release() function). If this call cannot made by an object that exists at the time the TRAP harness is entered, the resource is orphaned. The following code creates an object of a C class (CCat) on the heap, referenced only by an automatic variable, cat. After creating the object, a function which may potentially leave, InitializeL(), is called. The heap-based object is not leave-safe and neither the heap memory it occupies nor any objects it owns would be destroyed if InitializeL() left.
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FIGURE 28.15
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Exhibit 9.16
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In the latter case, the appeal is timeless but to a scattered minority of enthusi-
Lime Chiffon Dessert or Pie Filling
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