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occurred outside the auspices of the organization itself, as shown in Exhibit 2.1. Portugal is not a young country, and not just in the sense of its long history. Even within the EU, it has one of the most rapidly aging populations and lowest birthrates. Nevertheless, starting in 2005, it launched the most audacious and large-scale effort at ICT capacitybuilding anywhere in the world, distributing more than a million laptop computers at subsidized rates to students throughout the country as part of a comprehensive effort to prepare its workforce for the knowledge economy and close a persistent digital divide. The laptop project, named Magellan after the famed 15th-century explorer, was the solution to several related challenges facing incoming Prime Minister Jos S crates in 2005. First, Portugal was mired in an economic downturn and lagged its EU counterparts in technologyled economic development. Second, millions of euros in knowledge economy investments committed by Portuguese telecom operators as part of the 2000 auction of 3G licenses remained uncollected. Finally, the country that had lent its capital s name to the Lisbon Agenda for European knowledge economy development faced an enormous digital divide along economic lines, with lower-income families unable to afford computers or Internet connections. Not only were most young Portuguese not getting access to 21st-century technologies in school, but the country also has a large population who
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What is a cultural worldview It s the view that Catholics have the correct take on the nature of God. That Buddhist meditation is a good way to enlightenment. That hair dyed green is the ultimate in cool. That the Yankees will remain unbeatable next year. That particle physics will give us the final
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Recipe Contents
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4 Creating Pop-Up and Pop-Under Windows
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You can add a whole group of pages organized into tabs to your Favorites. For example, you might open several favorite shopping sites, music sites, sports sites, or whatever, each in its own tab. To save the whole tab group to your Favorites:
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Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
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Toolbar Button Name Zoom Extents Zoom Extents Horizontal Zoom Extents Vertical Zoom Horizontal Zoom Vertical Zoom Zoom Region Description Zooms to display the entire curve Zooms to display the entire horizontal curve range Zooms to display the entire vertical curve range Zooms on the horizontal curve range Zooms on the vertical curve range Zooms in and out as the mouse is dragged Zooms to the region specified by the mouse
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Exhibit 22.3: Financial Accounting and Reporting Time Management
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For older children, you might want to take a more lenient approach and have Internet Explorer block sites automatically based on content. If you want to take that approach, don t select Only allow websites which are on the allow list. When you clear that checkbox, the options under Block web content automatically are enabled (no longer dimmed and disabled). Click each option under Choose a web restriction level to see what it means. For example, when you click High you see a box that explains the kinds of sites that are blocked. To block specific types of content automatically, choose Custom. Then select (check) the kind of content you want to block (for example, Mature content, Weapons, Drugs). If you do not want the child to download files, select (check) the Block file downloads checkbox. Click OK after making your selections. You re returned to the page where you can define other parental controls.
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In the United States ehn inc. (greens+ Canada) Toronto, Ontario Tel: (416) 977-3505 Web site: www.greenspluscanada.com
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Time Horizon, Risk, and Return
The Management of Patients with Chronic Wounds 161
Introduction to Laplace Transforms
* Generalization * isSubstitutable:
Private Type OSVERSIONINFO dwVersionInfo As Long dwMajorVersion As Long dwMinorVersion As Long dwBuildNumber As Long dwplatformID As Long szVersion As String * 128 End Type
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