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for Mattel arrived in Indianapolis to interview the child, her mother, and the surgeon in Tabor s of ces where also on display was the Polly Pockets in question, with the two destructive magnets. While it was unusual for Tabor, who d been in practice for almost four decades, to allow a probable defendant s attorney to have an informal interview with a client, he felt, I had nothing to lose because there wasn t any question that the magnets caused the injury. I had no fear. Mattel wouldn t be sending a high-powered lawyer halfway across the country before a lawsuit is even led unless they had a concern over this product. Tabor absolutely believed that Mattel in 2006 was hoping to keep the whole matter quiet, reach an amicable settlement without a lawsuit, and avoid the attendant national publicity that could hurt Polly Pockets sales and place a dark cloud over the company. Mattel had to gure that at some point the Feds were going to get involved, and so was the media, Tabor says. As a human being, you have to keep in the back of your mind that the product is potentially harmful to many, many others. As a lawyer, you have to take care of your client rst, and then you have to put on your white hat. We weren t going to settle the case without a representation by Mattel that they were going to take action of a curative nature with the toy. Mattel negotiated for several more months before a con dential settlement was quietly reached. Misty May says it wasn t until May 2007 a couple of months before the summer of toy terror began that she received the settlement check. While she was under orders not to disclose the amount, she says that Paige will get to go to college and buy a house and a car. But she also had to pay her medical bills out of the settlement, reimbursing Medicaid, plus paying reduced attorney fees. What are her feelings about Mattel Polly Pockets should have been recalled when my daughter had her surgery and almost lost her life, she maintains. I don t care for Mattel because of the stuff my daughter had to go through, and Mattel made us feel like they didn t give a crap.
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6: What Quality Means
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Problem: Actual/potential risk of infection Goal: Prevention or early detection The prevention of infection is the responsibility of all healthcare professionals. There are both general and speci c measures that can be taken. Most health authorities have infection control policies that provide guidelines both to prevent infection and to reduce the risk of cross-infection. The infection control team, especially infection control nurses, can give advice and support. Much has been written on the prevention of infection. The UK Department of Health developed guidelines entitled Standard Principles for Preventing Infections in Hospitals together with guidelines for preventing hospital-acquired infections (HAI) associated with the use of short-term indwelling urethral catheters in acute care and with central venous catheters in acute care (DoH, 2001b). It is intended that these guidelines are incorporated into local protocols. Within the rst part of the guideline there are four standard principles. Hospital environmental hygiene. Hand hygiene. The use of personal protective equipment. The use and disposal of sharps. The spread of infection is mostly by people from people. Thus, the simplest and most effective measure to prevent infection is good handwashing. A review by Larson and Kretzer of the period 1984 1994 found that researchers consistently
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. STEP 2 2 Channel utilization:
Table name issues
DS-1 streams, at first, did not go outside the central office, or were physically patched to outgoing DS-1 spans. Fixed configuration multiplexers combined channels from one level of the PDH to another. M12 multiplexers combined DS-1 streams into DS2, and M23 multiplexers combined DS2 into DS-3. As DS-3 gained acceptance as a transmission technology, M13 multiplexers evolved, which combined multiple DS-1 into a DS-3. These multiplexers, however, did not allow the digital streams to be reconfigured. Digital access crossconnect systems (DACS) are fundamental components of a carrier end office. They are physical layer devices that accept DS-x streams and combine them into DS-3 and faster trunks for interoffice communications. They can demultiplex a higher layer stream and send individual subchannels to different output ports (see Figure 6.8).
3 Use and ownership of xed assets
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of Toleration and Obedience and Union. 20 The lm s long sequence on the frontier shows us an emperor who closely resembles the historical Marcus. As Gibbon put it: War he detested, as the disgrace and calamity of human nature; but when the necessity of a just defence called upon him to take up arms, he readily exposed his person to eight winter campaigns on the frozen banks of the Danube, the severity of which was at last fatal to the weakness of his constitution (HDF 1, 90). Nevertheless, an assembly of the kind Mann shows in his lm is a historical impossibility for obvious practical and political reasons. We may, however, compare the annual assemblies at Arles in Gaul, another Roman border area, which were instituted under Emperor Honorius after the split of the empire at the end of the fourth century. At the close of XXXI Gibbon provides us with a detailed and vivid description (HDF 3, 327 328). Some of it may have found its way into Mann s scene, although evidence is unavailable. The scene demonstrates Mann s approach to recreating Roman history on the screen. In his own words:
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