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Health Insurance
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Choosing a Brand Name
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The FDDI backbone with 13 stations.
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The next step is to compute the macro steady-state probability vector y using:
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wire [1:0] wire_outputA; integer i,j; initial begin for (i=0; i<2; i=i+1) begin reg_inputA = i; for (j=0; j<2; j=j+1) begin reg_inputB = j; #10; end end end addition addition_inst (.inputA(reg_inputA), .inputB(reg_inputB), .outputA(wire_outputA)); initial begin $monitor ("inputA %b inputB %b outputA %b%b", reg_inputA, reg_inputB, wire_outputA[1], wire_outputA[0]); end endmodule Example 4.27 Simulation Results for Verilog Test Bench Module addition_tb inputA inputA inputA inputA 0 0 1 1 inputB inputB inputB inputB 0 1 0 1 outputA outputA outputA outputA 00 01 01 10 read barcode 128 ai
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Show End Result On/Off Toggle Make Unique
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15: Using Access Data Macros
Sometimes the discovered defect is actually a symptom of an underlying process problem, which will be left unknown unless a tester communicates this clearly to the developer:
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