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Figure 5-20: The Define Stroke dialog box can associate with a command strokes dragged with the middle mouse button. With a stroke identified, you can select a command in the upper-right pane. This is the command that executes when you drag the stroke with the middle mouse button in the viewport. For each command, you can set the options found below the stroke grid. These options define what the command is executed on. All defined strokes are saved in a set, and you can review the current set of defined strokes with the Review button. Clicking this button opens the Review Strokes dialog box where all defined strokes and their commands are displayed. The only stroke defined by default opens this dialog box, as shown in Figure 5-21. One of the commands available in the list of commands is Stroke Preferences. Using this command opens the Stroke Preferences dialog box, also shown in Figure 5-20, where you can save and delete different stroke sets, specify to list commands or strokes in the Review Strokes dialog box, set how long the stroke grid and extents appear, and set the Stroke Point Size.
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Despite these setbacks, until the beginning of the fourth century Jews were one minority among many in the multi-cultural Roman empire. But in 313, with its public adoption by Constantine, Christianity became the dominant religion of the empire. In the wake of this development Jews found themselves in a new position of vulnerability. Before Constantine, Jews and Christians could argue on equal terms over how to read their shared scriptures or who was the true Israel; indeed, as adherents of a legal religion Jews usually had a certain advantage over Christians in the eyes of the imperial authorities despite the calamities of the two revolts. But with Constantine s embrace of Christianity the rivalry between Jews and Christians was decisively resolved in favor of Christians. Thus it is not surprising that Jews seem to have experienced another burst of eschatological hope during the brief reign of the emperor Julian the Apostate (361 3), who, as part of his effort to roll back the Christianization of the empire, authorized the rebuilding of the Temple. But his untimely death in battle against the Persians brought a decisive end to his project, much to the relief of Christians. The failure of the two revolts left the rabbis, the religious elite of the post-destruction period, cautious about the dangers of intense eschatological expectation, and, unlike many Jews, they appear to have been skeptical about Julian s attempt to rebuild the Temple. But this caution does not mean that they had abandoned the hope of redemption, only that they were suspicious of men who claimed to be its agents, and there is a considerable body of eschatological speculation in rabbinic literature of the first five centuries of the Christian era, though none of it takes the form of an apocalypse.
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can live about as long as ten years. Tipping the scales at around ten pounds provides a life span potential of about twenty years. There is quite a bit of scatter, to be sure. But the correlation is good enough that a line through the various data points on a graph of maximum life versus body weight would predict that primates who weigh about a hundred to two hundred pounds should have a life span of about forty years. Some of our relatives weigh about that much. The chimpanzee is somewhat less than a hundred pounds, and the gorilla is somewhat more than two hundred pounds. On the primate line of life span versus weight, they both, in fact, fall very nearly on that forty-year prediction, with the lighter-weight chimp living a bit longer than the heavy-weight gorilla. At the same time, the average primate lives about eighty percent longer than the average mammal. What about humans In weight, on the average, we come in between the chimp and the gorilla. Thus our predicted life span, from the average primate data line, is about forty years or so. But our real life span is more than double that.118 For most of human history, the life expectancy has been much lower, even less than forty years. Until recently, that was due to diseases, wars, and other external causes of death. But some humans always lived to a ripe old age, about the same as today but in fewer numbers. We break all the rules as primates we break the rules for both mammals and other primates. Some of the boost for primates, as compared to the mammal average, probably comes from their arboreal habits. In trees, primates are out of the way of hyenas, wild dogs, and lions. Primates in trees can jump between limbs in ways that leopards, for example, cannot. Although primates can be eaten by other primates, such as monkeys by chimps, the issue is not the absolute lack of predators but just the relative amount of freedom from them. We have seen that arboreal lives lead to longer life spans. For example, the
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This is the common modern view of the Roman Empire as an oppressive military colossus ready to crush the slightest resistance under its heel the kind of empire that had been overthrown for the good of mankind. The senator s references to cheap bread reinforces the point: it reminds us of the Roman satirist Juvenal s famous expression panem et circenses ( bread and games ).28 Ironically, the senator s view of citizenship is not entirely unjusti ed. Gibbon himself had summarized the impact of universal citizenship on the fate of Rome: The nation of soldiers, magistrates, and legislators . . . was dissolved into the common mass of mankind and confounded with the millions of servile provincials, who had received the name without adopting the spirit of Romans (HDF 1, 215).29 Emperor Caracalla, whose edict, the constitutio Antoniniana, conferred Roman citizenship on all free-born adults living within the borders of the empire in AD 212/213, was to Gibbon a villain who greatly contributed to the hastening of the empire s irreversible decline.30 Although it partly conforms to Gibbon, the senator s view cannot be what we are to consider the right one. Instead the lm extols the virtues of universal citizenship in a way that mirrors the modern United States, the melting pot of diverse nations as symbolized in the Statue of Liberty and foreshadowed in Mann s lm by Marcus oration. So a counter-argument follows the senator s speech. Livius introduces Timonides, a
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Let p denote the state probability vector of the embedded DTMC at inspection instants. Then its generating function is given by:
When the timing is right, it is important to receive permission to deliver feedback. If you re not sure, just ask, Is this a good time Words must be welcomed to be received. Again, simply asking a question is a good way to approach this May I share something with you In a coaching relationship, as a business coach or a coaching leader, agreements can be reached up front about how a person likes to receive feedback, and when. Well-functioning teams establish a charter that grants permission for all team members around giving and receiving feedback. Fundamentally, feedback is 81
death type and irreducible. Each state name gives the number of jobs in the system. The SHARPE input file is shown in Fig. 12.24. In the first two lines the values of the arrival and service rates are bound. Then the model type (markov = CTMC) and the name (mm5) of the model are given. Subsequent lines specify the transitions between the state together with their transition rates. Then five variables are defined. Pidle is the steady-state probability of being in state 0. This is the probability that there are no jobs being served, i.e., that the station is idle. Pfull is the steady-state probability of being in state 100. This is the probability that the queue is full. Lre j ect is the rate at which jobs are rejected. Mqueue is the mean number of jobs in the system. This can be calculated by the built-in function sum. Mresp is the mean response time of accepted jobs computed using Little s theorem as Mqueue/(X-Lreject), expr expression prints the value of the expression in the output file (Fig. 12.25). Note that a recent extension to SHARPE includes a loop specification in the definition of a CTMC that can be used to make concise specification of a
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