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Focusing on personality traits and management styles, the EQ Factor was developed to help people choose an ideal career path based on their personal profile. It gives people the ability to compare their traits to the traits of successful entrepreneurs by allowing them to look not only at their thinking processes but also their operating processes. Referred to as the IQ Test of Business, the test addresses entrepreneurial character traits while defining the strengths and limitations of a business. The EQ Model (also called the EQ Guide) After Edward J. Fasiska developed the EQ Test and EQ Factor, he continued to develop testing strategies to define the successful entrepreneurial type. In assessing the personality type of the successful entrepreneur, Wonderlic has added the MBPI and Fasiska s EQ model to its own test. In doing so, Wonderlic s test compares individuals taking the test to a database composed of 1,167 successful entrepreneurs and 1,118 successful corporate executives. It is a 100-item questionnaire composed of different sections and subsections with summary scales, their corresponding subscales, and ideal scores with each that measures the ideal entrepreneurial type. The summary scales and subscales are: Adaptability Managerial Traits Risk Tolerance Time Management Creativity Strategic Thinking Planning Goal-Orientation
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When putting a CD or DVD disk into its drive, make sure to do so with the label facing up. Then push the eject button on the drive, and gently push the drive drawer so the disk and drawer slide in. To listen to music on a CD, you usually just stick the CD in your CD drive, wait a few seconds, and the CD starts playing, usually in Windows Media. The same is true for most movie DVDs, but only if your computer has the appropriate hardware and software. Here s a quick rundown on where to look for more information on CDs and DVDs (besides this chapter): n Listen to, copy from, or create your own music CDs: 23, Making Music with Media Player 11. n Watch DVD movies: 24, DVD, Video, and More.
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room. The client executive was running late, they learned, but would be there soon. As Donna and her colleagues pulled chairs up to the conference table, one team member pointed to a pile of bound documents on the center of the table. Donna leaned across the table and saw at once that the top document was a competitor s proposal for the same work Donna s team was there to talk about. Curious, Donna shuf ed through the rest of the documents, counting a total of four proposals. The client was talking to at least ve service providers for this initiative. The client and his team arrived for the meeting just as Donna nished straightening the pile of proposals. Then Donna and her people spent the afternoon hashing over every detail in their proposal with the clients, with special emphasis on the work plan. The clients were intently interested in exactly how Donna s team intended to do the work, particularly how to manage the effort across time zones, which Donna s team knew quite a bit about. The meeting wrapped up on a high note, but Donna knew the competition on this one was going to be erce. After a week passed without any word, Donna called the client to see if there was any news on the proposal. The client was unavailable. She tried again three days later with no luck. When the client nally called back, Donna knew the news wasn t going to be good. She braced herself, but was still blown away to learn that the client decided to undertake the work without any outside help. The winning competitor the client s own team had effectively outsourced the analytical and planning work to consultants, at no charge. Using the ideas and methods they gleaned from numerous meetings, the clients fashioned their own project approach and left the consultants holding the bag. You can understand how frustrated the ve teams were after they invested substantial time and energy to pull together thoughtful proposals, only to learn that the opportunity was not real. When clients don t play nice, anyone can fall into this trap. The second invisible competitor can be as bad as the rst. Sometimes, the client scraps plans in the midst of the sales process. Maybe a budget crunch hits, or a boss decides to rearrange company priorities. In such cases, you are competing against unseen forces. A client can, at any time, decide the whole idea just won t work and call a halt to the effort. Given the possibility that a sale may never materialize, keep your ears open for hints from the client. Assess the client s commitment to using an outside service provider at every step of the sales process. You make investment decisions each time you choose to pursue a sales
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can just nd the right angle. It is about nding the right way of thinking and approach, how to tackle an issue, project, problem, goal, or deadline. The funny thing about it is, the more Western you think, the less likely you will be able to grasp how to reach your goal. You have to tackle the situational challenges with a different approach. When you hit a wall, do not just fall at on your back. See if there is a way to go under, around, over, or through it. There is a multitude of ways to go about things here. That variety of ways to handle problems makes the market extremely exciting and highly entrepreneurial. However, if you are not a highly entrepreneurial person, and you are coming from a highly rigid and conservative environment, this type of exible thinking may be dif cult, certainly at rst. Making things happen and making the transition to the China way of doing business may therefore present some steep challenges, or at least a very steep learning curve. Face it: with market reforms and the transition to a market economy, people in China want to make money, and that is an important, if not the primary, motivation for your potential partners. Although this will not apply to government of cials, they still have interests, including acquiring new business for their particular area and attracting new investment. Working with foreign companies is now standard practice throughout China, so approaching governments and Chinese corporations is at least as competitive as anywhere else in the world, perhaps more. For that reason, keep your partners interests in mind when negotiating it may help you that much more to achieve your own.
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