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We have given an axiomatic semantics for state machines based on the informal UML semantics. Areas where the informal semantics are unclear or ambiguous have been resolved, and precise semantic pro les have been given to the three semantic variations permitted in UML, for the case in which no transition exists from a state for a given trigger event that may occur in that state.
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Using copy-and-paste and cut-and-paste
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11: Mastering VBA Data Types and Procedures
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How Much Excess Return to Expect
PRODUCTION Manufacture order, assemble and pack order
Tip To see the capacity and available space on your hard drive, right-click its icon in My Computer and choose Properties, just as you would with a removable disk.
or properties. Most scene objects have a member called Name, which is of type String. The Name member tells the specific name of that object. Another common property is Position, a Point3 variable that tells the object s position. Max has a special built-in variable that represents whatever object is currently selected. This variable is $ (the dollar sign), which is used in the following tutorial.
9 Soups
Figure 7-19: The Layer Properties dialog box is similar to the Object Properties dialog box, but it applies to the entire layer.
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