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For decision-making purposes, it makes sense to treat the xed costs (or overheads) of running the business in a logical order. First come the direct xed costs, such as marketing, selling and R&D costs, because they are typically closely related to sales activities, then the indirect xed costs, such as rent, insurance, salaries, etc., which are not directly related to the level of sales.
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Gently fold 40% (1 lb/480 g) well-drained blueberries into the nished batter.
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Fragment of the UML 2 metamodel relevant to guards and state invariants.
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CPU core utilization Maximum memory utilization Batch size Bytes per short string column Bytes per GROUP BY, ORDER BY Bytes per index key Bytes per foreign key Bytes per primary key Bytes per row Bytes in source text of a stored procedure Bytes per varchar(max), varbinary(max), xml, text, or image column Characters per ntext or nvarchar(max) column Clustered indexes per table Columns in GROUP BY, ORDER BY Columns or expressions in a GROUP BY WITH CUBE or WITH ROLLUP statement Columns per index key Columns per foreign key Columns per primary key Columns per base table Columns per SELECT statement Columns per INSERT statement Connections per client
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The calculations underlying these estimates are set forth in the statistical appendix. 15
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ment 1, coherent organization. The overall organization of your answer should guide the reader through the response. A third-grade English teacher might say: In paragraph one, say what you are going to say. In the middle paragraphs develop and support the statements. Use the final paragraph to summarize what you said. Coherent organization refers to the same concept. Key elements are support and summary. Pretend you are telling a story. Your first step is to set the scene using an introductory paragraph. Then convey the facts of your story. Use examples and support what you say with the practices of the profession. When you have said enough to make your point, summarize the conclusions in the final paragraph. Use prose writing rather than business writing. This is very important. Prose writing utilizes full statements with no abbreviations and no bulleted or numbered lists. This may go against what you know is used in the business world, but you are not in the business world. During the exam, you are in the AICPA s world. It wrote the exam, and you must follow its rules. Please: no abbreviations and no bulleted or numbered lists. Write using paragraphs, as demonstrated in this book. Indent each paragraph a few spaces. Remember, you are typing your response directly into the exam simulation. Watch the address; usually the response is required to be in a memorandum form, with To:, From:, Date:, and Subject: clearly indicated. Be concise. Use short sentences rather than long-running sentences. Use the language of the profession, but, at all times, think about to whom you are responding. If you have been asked to respond to a client about a difficult accounting issue, be sure to explain any accounting terminology. Define terms the reader is not likely to know. Clarity is an element that the AICPA will look for; avoid using slang or jargon. Think standard English, which requires the use of proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. You are graded for grammar and spelling. The good news is you have spelling assistance. A spell-check function is available for use. You must, however, activate the function. It s not automatic. Be responsive. Focus on the question requirements. Address what is asked. Write about the topic. Don t go off on tangents. Staying on topic is very important. To earn points, candidates must respond to the question requirements. For example, if, on the FAR exam, you are asked to write a memo to clients about how they should recognize revenue for their type of business, don t write about accounts receivable or expense allocation. If you address topics that are not part of the question, your answer is considered to be off topic and the response is not graded. Don t try to show off. Use simple words that readers are likely to understand. A bookkeeper isn t going to understand the latest references to Internal Revenue Code sections or Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) pronouncements. Keep the FASB statement numbers to yourself.
Lag lead compensation is really a poor man s P + I control since it produces essentially the same dynamic effect as the P + I compensation described in Section 3.2.1. Lag lead is accomplished by introducing a rst-order lag with a very long time constant together with a high gain. In the frequency range of interest this looks very similar to an integrator with phase lag approaching 90 together with a gain slope of 6 dB per octave. The lead term cancels the lag effect as the critical frequency range is neared as is the case with the pure proportional plus integral control action. The lag lead compensation transfer function, therefore, is of the form: K 1 + T1 D 1 + T2 D As described above, K is typically very large and T2 is also large so that it looks like integral action in the frequency range of interest. T1 is chosen to cancel a major system lag term as in the P + I compensation approach described previously. The construction of the lag lead network is similar to the lead lag method (see Figure 3.9). The values for K1 , K2 and T are substantially different from the lead lag example and the two paths are summed to obtain the output rather than differenced. The resultant transfer function is: K1 TD K1 + K2 1 + TD
If anyone starts being a pain in a conversation, you can prevent that person from sending you more messages. To block anyone in the current conversation, click the Block button in the toolbar; then, click the name of the person you want to block. There are other ways to block people, as you ll learn under Managing Your Contacts, later in this chapter. But the Block button on the toolbar is a quick and easy way to kick someone out of the current conversation.
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