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cryption Standard (EES), more popularly known as the Clipper chip. This was a proposed replacement for DES, with a built-in back-door key that enabled government agencies to decipher any traffic. (I explained the technical aspects in 14.5.3.) However, Clipper is even more important as the issue that politicized cryptography and information security generally. U.S. opinion polarized with the government taking the view that since cryptography is about keeping messages secret, it could be used by criminals to prevent the police gathering evidence from wiretaps; the IT industry (with a few exceptions) took the conflicting view that cryptography was the only means of protecting electronic commerce, and was thus vital to the future development of the Net. Civil liberties groups lined up with the industry, and claimed that cryptography would be the critical technology for privacy. By 1994, the NSA had concluded that it faced a war with Microsoft, which it would lose, so it handed off the policy lead to the FBI, while continuing to direct matters from behind the scenes. The debate rapidiy became tangled up with export controls on weapons, the means by which cryptography was traditionally controlled. U.S. software firms were not allowed to export products containing cryptography that was seen as too hard to break (usually interpreted as meaning a keylength of over 40 bits). A.U.S. software author, Phil Zimmermann, was hauled up before a grand jury for arms trafficking after a program he wrote PGP escaped on to the Internet. He immediately became a folk hero and made a fortune as his product grabbed market leadership. The conflict became international: the U.S. State Department invested significant effort in persuading other countries to control cryptography too. The results were mixed. Some countries that had oppressive regimes within living memory, such as Germany and Japan, resisted American blandishments. Others, such as Russia, seized the excuse to pass harsh crypto control laws. France relaxed a traditional prohibition on non-government use of crypto; while Britain went from a liberal, laissezfaire policy under John Major in the mid-1990s to a draconian law under Tony Blair in 2000 the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Act. Throughout this process, the means of compulsion applied by governments (outside the Russia/Zimbabwe end of the spectrum) have become progressively more subtle. Outright criminalization has given way to a grab-bag of economic and legal incentives. But, overall, the popular view of the crypto policy struggle has been one in which the Forces of Light (privacy advocates and IT companies) have slowly overcome the Forces of Darkness (policemen and spies) in a Manichean struggle for the Soul of the Internet. Reality is, as always, a bit more complicated. It may be useful to step back and try to place the debate in its historical context.
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After you save and close the project, users attempting to view the application s code must enter the password. Access prompts for the project password only once per session. A more secure method of securing your application s code, forms, and reports is to distribute your database as an .accde file. When you save your database as an .accde file, Access compiles all code modules (including form modules), removes all editable source code, and compacts the database. The new .accde file contains no source code but continues to work because it contains a compiled copy of all your code. Not only is this a great way to secure your source code, but it also enables you to distribute databases that are smaller (because they contain no source code) and always keep their modules in a compiled state.
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FIGURE 35.29
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Ingredients Shrimp, size 16/20
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Prepare like pur e of potato soup, but add 5 bunches watercress, chopped, when the potatoes are almost tender.
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Performance analysis tools have acquired increased importance due to increased complexity of modern systems. It is often the case that system measurements are not available or are very difficult to get. In such cases the development and the solution of a system model is an effective method of performance assessment. Software tools that support performance modeling studies provide one or more of the following solution methods:
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n A program other than Media Player opens and plays the CD: If a program other than Windows Media Player opens to play the CD, close that program. Then, do as indicated under the next item. n Nothing happens: If absolutely nothing happens after you insert an audio CD, or if some other program opened and you closed it, start Windows Media Player. From Windows Media Player s menu, choose Play DVD, VCD, or CD Audio. n Windows Media Player opens: If Windows Media Player opens and starts playing the song, you don t have to do anything else. Just continue reading on. After the CD starts playing, you should be able to hear it (assuming your speakers are properly connected and not turned down too far). Use the Volume slider in the play controls to adjust the volume of the music.
Symbian OS was rst designed at a time when exceptions were part of the C++ standard, though not yet implemented in any compiler. Later, exception-handling support was found to add substantially to the size of compiled code and to run-time RAM overheads, regardless of whether or not exceptions were actually thrown. For these reasons, standard C++ exception handling was not considered suitable to add to Symbian OS, with its emphasis on a compact operating system and client code. When compiling C++ code for versions of Symbian OS earlier than version 9, compilers are explicitly directed to disable C++ exception handling, and any use of the try, catch or throw keywords is agged as an error. Symbian OS version 9, by taking advantage of compiler improvements, supports C++ standard exceptions and provides a more open environment. This makes it easier to port existing C++ code onto the Symbian platform.
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