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Taking advantage of VBA s Load on Demand functionality Deciding which file format to use Using .accde databases for better performance Achieving better performance through compilation Increasing the absolute speed of your application Increasing the perceived speed of your application Using special techniques with large databases
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This particular error-handling routine traps the errors on a bound form that occur when multiple users make simultaneous changes to the same record. The Access database engine raises the error, allowing the form to intelligently notify the user that a problem has occurred. Notice how DataErr is examined to see if its value is 7787 or 7878 and an appropriate action (notifying the user of the problem) is taken to handle the problem. Response is set to acData ErrContinue to notify Access that the form s data error has been handled. If any other error occurs, Response is set to acDataErrDisplay, allowing Access to present the user with the default error message. Hopefully, the user can make some sense of the error message or at least notify someone of the situation. Keep in mind that the form and report Error event fires only in response to data errors raised by the database engine. The Error event is not related to problems caused by the user, other than inappropriate data entry and a failure to add or update the wrong kind of data in the database.
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Open the program you used to create the document and choose File from its menu bar. Click on the documents name at the bottom of the File menu. Open the program you used to create the document and choose File Open from its menu bar. Then, use the Open dialog box to navigate to the document s folder and double-click the document s icon in the main pane.
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Using IsInsert to determine if BeforeChange fired as the result of adding a new record. IsInsert property Nested If block
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Hotchkiss School (CT), 279 Houston, Robert: as C-T-R executive, 52, 70, 74, 77 departure from IBM, 95 departure from NCR, 34 35 dressing down by Tom Watson, Sr., 61 62 sense of humor, 77 Hughes, Howard, 150 Hull, Cordell, 213 Hundred Percent Club: adulation of Tom Watson, Sr., 380 based on NCR s Hundred Point Club, 75 at C-T-R, 11, 241 at IBM, 146, 241 242, 308 induction of Tom Watson, Jr., 274 Latin American convention, 371 as part of IBM culture, 436 Tent City conventions, 248 250, 364 366 Hundred Point Club, 11, 14, 34, 75, 158 Hun School (NJ), 267 268 Hurd, Cuthbert, 360 361 Hyatt, Marjorie Gorton, 178 Hyde, Fred, 13 Hyde, J. L., 76 77 Iacocca, Lee, 437 IBM. See also Songs of the IBM antitrust suit against, 385 392, 421 423 corporate culture, 118 119, 145 150, 241 241 242, 342, 363 364, 400, 436, 442 445 corporate officers, 1951, 382 383 Depression years, 129 131, 137 142, 151 156 early years, 95 102, 105 109 employee relations, 303 304 evolution of name, 89 90, 407 face-off with Bethlehem Steel, xxi xxv international, 282, 369 370, 372 375, 377 379 at prewar World s Fair, 230 235 System/360, 441 train wreck (1940), 235 238 versus UNIVAC, 397 404, 409, 413 417 Watson s postwar plans for, 300 305, 314 325 women at, 134, 143 144, 160, 163 169, 319 320 world headquarters, 180, 243, 354 World Trade division, 282, 369, 377 379, 411, 412, 439, 441 WWII years, 293 306, 309 314 IBM Country Club, xiii, 244 248, 353 IBM Day (New York World s Fair), 232 239, 308, 436 IBM News, tribute to Jeannette Watson, 439 IBM Symphony, The (Giannini), 235, 238 ICC. See International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) I Love Lucy (TV show), 407 Ingraham, Russ, 131 132 Inness, George, 330 Intel, 444 Internal Revenue Service, 157 International Business Machines. See IBM International Chamber of Commerce (ICC): and Tom Jr., 351 and Tom Sr., 203 208, 223 International Commercial Schools Typing Contest, 227 230 International Harvester, 204 International Time Recording Company (ITR). See ITR Iowa State College, 332 Irvine, Eleanor: as friend of Tom Watson, Jr., 168, 280 281 on marriage of Tom Watson, Sr., 132 133, 134
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There is one exception to the le system mapping, which is the location of the executables. On the phone all executables are stored in the \sys\bin directory, but on the emulator the executables are loaded from where they are built, that is, the \epoc32\release\wins\udeb or \epoc32\release\wins\urel directory. The emulator can also be set up so that it behaves as if a removable media card (for example a Memory Stick or MMC) is present. This can be used to test how an application behaves when reading and writing data to the card, or when the card is removed and/or swapped. It is possible to emulate a user opening and closing the removable media drive door, replacing and removing the media card, and assigning a password to an emulated card. MMC emulation does not involve access to any kind of hardware interface. Instead, the memory area of each emulated card is represented by a le, a .bin type le in the Windows system temp directory.
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Let s take a look at how value stock funds handled the 2000 2002 bear market. In fact, let s start with 1998. Value stocks actually had a rough time in the last years of the bull market, because investors almost exclusively purchased growth stocks, particularly technology company stocks. Once growth stocks fell sharply, value stocks began rising. It was only during the period from June through October 2002, when almost all stocks declined, that the bear market finally took a toll on value stock funds. The box that follows shows how some of my favorite value stock funds performed during the last phase of the bull market and during the bear market compared to the Vanguard 500 Index. You can see that all of the value funds earned solid returns during the last leg of the bull market, though they lagged behind the market index. Each of them also did significantly better than the index during the bear market. The returns among the value funds differed greatly during this period. If I cut off the second period at May 31, 2002, the value funds would have looked even more attractive. The period from June through October 2002 was when all stocks and mutual funds sharply declined, including the value funds. The 1998 2002 period essentially is a full market cycle. The market index basically ended the period where it started, yet the value funds had strong total returns.
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