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Hub and Spoke
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Garlic Helps the Heart and Circulation
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When you first get a new batch of messages, their message headers are boldfaced to distinguish them from older messages. The boldface signifies an unread message. When you click on an unread message header to read the message, the header stays boldfaced for a few seconds. Exactly how many seconds depends on the number you specify for this setting. So if you feel your messages are being switched from Unread to Read too quickly, you could change the default of 5 seconds to 10 or 15 seconds. Then again, you could clear the checkmark from this setting to disable it. If you do, unread messages will never be changed to read messages automatically. Every message will remain boldfaced until you right-click the message head and choose Mark as unread.
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You can use many cold meat or sh mixtures, such as cooked salads, to make canap spreads.Popular examples include tuna salad,salmon salad,shrimp salad,chicken salad, deviled ham, and liver p t . To convert a salad recipe (see pp.703 and 705) to a spread recipe,you may need to make one or more of the following modi cations: 1. Chop the solid ingredients very fine, or grind or pur e them, so the mixture is spreadable and not chunky. 2. Do not add the liquid ingredients and mayonnaise all at once.Add them a little at a time, just until the mixture reaches a thick, spreadable consistency. 3. Check the seasonings carefully.You may want to increase the seasonings to make the spread more stimulating to the appetite.
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that we can call developed. While per capita gross national product in the United States is $2800 and while the top 29 percent of the world s population (including the United States) has a GNP for each person of a little more than $1100, the remaining vast majority of the world s people produce only slightly over $100 each and of that $100, an even smaller sum is available for their own consumption and enjoyment. Indeed, the top 8 percent of the world s population produces about 30 percent of the world s total gross national product; the lowest 50 percent of the population produces less than 20 percent of the total output.6 The case for assistance to the underdeveloped countries can be presented with an unfortunately lengthy list of grim, urgent facts. One will suf ce here. India will require the investment of a billion dollars a year to provide housing in the urban areas just for the increase in population that will have to be taken care of over the next 25 years. This allows nothing for rural housing, for any improvement in the shocking slums in cities such as Calcutta, or for the roads, sewage systems, water supplies, hospitals, or educational facilities required for a growing population. A billion dollars a year would require as large a proportion devoted to housing from India s gross national product as we now devote to our own total residential construction activities (including repairs and replacements), but the Indian economy can far less afford this allocation of resources. Finally, the $20 billion that the Indians will have to spend for this one purpose between
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Congratulations You Are a CPA!
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The Analysts
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Red wine Gingersnap crumbs
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2007 Leadership Link, Inc. Used by permission.
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A fundamental principle underlies getting an organization or a team, or an individual to deliver results: the need to balance attention to the task (getting the job done) with attention to people processes (how people go about things and what happens between them).
A product information report
The Preset option lets you save and load a saved preset of renderer settings. When saving or loading a preset, the Select Preset Categories dialog box, shown in Figure 44-4, opens (after you select a preset file in a file dialog box). In this dialog box, you can select which panels of settings to include in the preset. The panels listed will depend on the selected renderer. All presets are saved with the .RPS file extension. Figure 44-4: The Select Preset Categories dialog box lets you choose which settings to include in the preset.
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Hardware and Performance Tuning
International Air, Rail, and Road Connections Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) is currently battling Shanghai s Pudong International Airport for the title of China s most internationally connected airport. With the addition of ights to Washington Dulles International Airport announced in January 2007,5 the capital is now linked to every other major world capital and nancial center. Travelers from Beijing also have the opportunity to y to rarely visited cities in Asia, such as North Korea s Pyongyang and Mongolia s Ulan Bataar both of which can also be reached by rail service from the Chinese capital. As the nation s seat of government, Beijing also offers domestic passengers the greatest number of domestic air and rail links, including train travel to Lhasa in the Xizang Autonomous Region (Tibet), which takes two days, and an overnight train to Hong Kong. Ironically, air service to Lhasa is still routed via Chengdu in Sichuan province. International rail service from Beijing includes the aforementioned north Asian capitals, along with trains to Vietnam s Hanoi via Kunming, and to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian Railroad s two routes, via Mongolia (faster) or Manchuria (easier for citizens of nations that do not have a visa-free travel agreement with Mongolia). History and Description Beijing has served as China s political and cultural capital several times over the past 800 years, and has been the nation s seat of government since the establishment of the People s Republic of China in 1949. The city, the name of which means northern capital, rst became China s capital under Kublai Khan s Yuan Dynasty (1279 1368). Although part of that capital remains north of the Forbidden City in the form of Beihai Park, the city itself was then centered more around what is now the Haidian District in the northwestern part of Beijing. Although the capital moved brie y to Nanjing in the late 1300s, upon establishment of the Ming Dynasty (1368 1644), power returned to Beijing shortly. When the Qing Dynasty overthrew the Ming in 1644, they continued to rule from the same city. Leaders of the Republic of China moved back to Nanjing in 1911 after overthrowing the imperial system, but the Communist Party of China (CCP) once again chose Beijing upon their victory in China s civil war and the founding of the People s Republic of China. In many ways, the best is yet to come for this city. Having undergone more than a decade of urban renewal, Beijing is gearing up for its moment in the international spotlight as the host city for the 2008 Olympic Games. When they begin on August 8, 2008, Beijing will have expanded its transportation capacity by several times, including new subway lines, a third
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