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In the recordable write once, read many category, there are two types of DVDs: DVD-R and DVD+R. Both are write once, read many distribution media, the same blank CDs that the movie industry uses to create the DVD movies you buy or rent at stores. As with a CD-R, you get one shot, and one shot only, at burning a DVD-R or DVD+R. You need a DVD burner, and special software, to copy files to DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs. A CD burner won t do, nor will a DVD-ROM drive that can only read DVDs. Most of the differences between -R and +R have to do with esoteric technical things that are more in the realm of video engineers than computer users. For computer users, the main difference is that a burned DVD-R will play in about 96 percent if standard set-top DVD players, while burned DVD+Rs work in about 87 percent of those players. (By set-top DVD player I mean one that s connected to a television as opposed to a computer.)
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Figure 17-14: Sample balloon tip in an Internet search
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Very often, an Access report is expected to duplicate an existing paper report or form used by the application s consumers.
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Egg yolks, in addition to being high in fat, are also high in cholesterol. Efforts to reduce cholesterol in the diet have led to the development of commercial egg substitutes. These are of two types: 1. Egg substitutes that can be used to make such dishes as scrambled eggs, omelets, and custards are made of pasteurized egg whites with the addition of a blend of ingredients to substitute for the yolks, such as vegetable oil, milk solids, vegetable gums,salt,emulsi ers,and vitamin additives.They are sold in bulk liquid form,usually frozen, and can be substituted, ounce for ounce, for whole liquid eggs in most egg preparations. Eggless egg substitutes contain no egg product.They are made of ours or other starches,plus vegetable gums and stabilizers,and,sometimes,soy protein.They are intended for use in baked goods only and are not suitable for use in breakfast egg preparations or custards.If they contain no milk products (read ingredient lists on individual products), they may be used in vegan diets.
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The median age for retirement today is 63. But two out of five workers expect to retire before turning 62. Whether these elongated retirement years turn out to be blissful or bleak depends a lot on if and how you prepare for them. Furthermore, you can expect government s tendency to increase the retirement age or reduce Social Security benefits to continue, making it more important than ever to look beyond Social Security in planning for your retirement. Only about a third of Americans take the time to calculate their retirement needs even though doing so is one of the most important things to do in life. The American Savings Education Council says unquestionably that people who calculate their needs are far likelier to hit their target dollar number than those who just plunk an arbitrary amount each year into a 401(k). The median savings amount retirees anticipated they would need was $400,000 in order to maintain their current lifestyle into retirement, according to Keyport Life Insurance. Even with such modest expectations, 29 percent of people don t expect to have what they need when they retire. Bankrate suggests that you should count on needing 70 to 90 percent of what you re spending in your pre-retirement life to live a comfortable retirement. (This does not account for inflation.) To figure out the amount of savings you ll need, you could see a financial planner; if you would rather invest in a retirement calculator, there are dozens of personal finance websites (including Bankrate s) offering them for free. Before you sit down to crunch some numbers, remember that the key to a successful retirement is to get started as soon as possible and leave your money untouched so that compounding works for you. Begin by figuring out how much your present lifestyle costs you. Then think about the type of life you want to lead after retirement.
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Using the previously described method we can calculate the residues: A 10 = 5 5 1 = 10 9 90 A 1 = 5 5 1 = +9 1 9 A0 = 5 5 1 = 10 10 1
Notice that the file has nine records (rows of text) and five fields. A comma separates each field. In this example, text fields are not delimited with double quotation marks. Notice also that the rows are different lengths because of the variable data within each row. To import a delimited text file named ImportDelim.txt, follow these steps:
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