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Figure 12-6: Warning that precedes displaying contents of system folders
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DVD, Video, and More
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Screen turns blue during startup, then stops
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In Step 1, the sales quantities are planned. In Step 2, the sales quantities are transferred from CO-PA to SOP. To simplify this example, in Step 3, the sales quantity plan is accepted as the production quantity plan. Once the planned production quantity is known, these requirements can be transferred to CCA and ABC (Step 4). The routings and templates are used in the backflush to determine what quantities of actypes and processes are required to support the production plan. These quantities will most likely deviate from the cost center and process plans originally generated. In Step 5, the price calculation is rerun to see the impact on the actype and process rates. These rates and new quantities are used for revised standard cost estimates, to rerun allocations into CO-PA, and to determine the final impact on gross and contribution margins (Step 6). The SOP functionality can support an integrated planning cycle. However, it requires that organizations at least create an integrated plan on paper before supporting it by a system. Most organizations have not been able to move beyond the political intricacies that can make this planning process very difficult. If they can, the PC with AZC module integration is the most comprehensive application of the Activity-Based Budgeting concept.
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Fortunately for all Access developers, this complete loading of a potential call tree has been addressed in Access 2010. Access now automatically compiles modules on demand, instead of loading the entire potential call tree.
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2 40,000*0.5 = 20,000 Total LABHR Output = 20,000
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magnets, have taken until they were redesigned again by Mattel in the wake of tragic incidents. Seven-year-old Paige Kostrzewski was a huge fan of Polly Pockets, and so were all of Paige s friends in their blue-collar Indianapolis, Indiana, neighborhood. They carried the very-portable toys wherever they went and played with them in each other s homes. Polly Pockets had a virtual cult following among the 6 to-8-year-old set, due to Mattel s heavy promotion. Paige s mother, Misty May, an hourly warehouse worker with a brood of four, usually picked up the latest Polly Pockets set for her daughter at her local Kmart. The cost was $15 to $20 a pop, a considerable wallop to her pocketbook, but worth it in order to keep her baby girl happily busy at play. Monday, July 11, 2005, was payday for Misty May, and right after work, she went to the store and bought Polly Pocket! Quik-Clik Boutique, for Paige s collection of about a dozen Polly Pockets scenarios. This one had a magic dressing room to allow Polly to change quickly in to a new out t. Paige also was a Barbie collector the basic doll now cost at least three times her original 1959 introductory price of $3 and the previous Christmas, the child had found four new Barbie dolls gift wrapped under the tree. Mattel was a part of her young life, and therefore Paige Kostrzewski represented millions of little girls who were a new generation of Mattel toy loyalists. Mattel was a brand name their parents trusted. But that was before Paige almost died. Two days after Paige got her new Polly Pockets, the child began acting strangely. She just started running around and not acting herself, and by the next day she didn t want to eat, says Misty May. She wasn t complaining of any pain or anything, she just wasn t feeling well. I called our doctor and was told that as long as she was keeping uids down she was ne. I thought she had a cold or the u coming on. But then, by Thursday evening and Friday, she wouldn t drink anything, and then late Friday and early Saturday she starting puking green stuff, like something out of The Exorcist. It was gross. By Sunday morning, Paige had gotten worse, vomiting when she wasn t sleeping, and not eating or drinking. Frightened, Misty May put her very ill daughter in the car and took her to the emergency room at
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Aggregate functions
You can take all the individual items that you found in the sales information group in the preceding section and extract them to their own group for the invoice report. Table 1.2 shows the information related to each line item. Looking back at the report in Figure 1.6, you can see that the data from Table 1.2 doesn t list the calculated field amount. The amount is dynamically calculated as the report prints, rather than storing the value in the database.
Figure 2-1: Axonometric and Perspective views
5 discusses leaves in more detail, but in essence they may legitimately occur under exceptional conditions such as out of memory, insuf cient disk space or the absence of a communications link. It is not possible to stop a leave from occurring, so code should implement a graceful recovery strategy and should always catch leaves (using TRAP statements). Programming errors ( bugs ) can be caused by contradictory assumptions, unexpected design errors or genuine implementation errors, such as writing off the end of an array or trying to write to a le before opening it. These are persistent, unrecoverable errors which should be detected and corrected by the programmer rather than handled at run-time. On Symbian OS, the mechanism to do this is to use assertion statements, which terminate the ow of execution of code if an error is detected, using a panic. Panics cannot be caught and handled gracefully.
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