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General, dialog box, and Explorer shortcut keys Ease of Access shortcut keys Text editing shortcut keys Photo Gallery and Movie Maker shortcut keys Microsoft Internet Explorer shortcut keys
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Recognition Programs
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Table 10.20 Response time for the centralserver system with memory constraint
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108Also see the example of Continental Illinois described previously as potential further
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Figure B.9: The Musical Desigvl Patterns component offers various ways of interacting with musical "patterns" of blues improvisation, including the ability to improvise to a band without playing wrong notes.
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About Those Training Programs
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Creating a Library of Common Elements
For a selection of vertices, you can set its influence value (called its Weight value) between 0 for no influence and 1.0 for maximum influence. This provides a way to blend the motion of vertices between two or more bones. For example, the vertices on the top of a character s shoulder could have a weight value of 1.0 for the shoulder bone, a weight value of 0.5 for the upper arm bone, and a weight value of 0 for all other bones. This lets the shoulder skin area move completely when the shoulder bone moves and only halfway when the upper arm moves.
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