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such as DHCP and dynamic DNS updates may be adequate and techniques such as Mobile IP not needed. Yet another dimension recognized by the IETF is mobile ad-hoc networks, the focus of the MANET working group. It defines mobile ad hoc network (MANET) as an autonomous system of mobile routers (and associated hosts) connected by wireless links the union of which form an arbitrary graph. The routers are free to move randomly and organize themselves arbitrarily; thus, the network s wireless topology may change rapidly and unpredictably. Such a network may operate in a standalone fashion, or may be connected to the larger Internet.
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Prepare as in basic recipe, but cut the potatoes in thicker strips, about 1 2 in. (11 4 cm) square or slightly larger. Blanching time will be slightly longer.
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Figure 29-2: Pop-up Blocker Settings dialog box
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If you don t have any desktop icons, they re probably turned off. Right-click the desktop and choose View Show Desktop Icons. To change their size, right-click the desktop and choose View. Then click one of the icon sizes to the right (Large, Medium, Classic). If your mouse has a wheel, hold down the Ctrl key while spinning the wheel for other sizes.
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tains a list of what it may be used for, then the more things on this list the shorter its period of usefulness. A similar problem besets systems where names are composite. For example, some online businesses recognize me by the combination of email address and credit card number. This is clearly bad practice. Quite apart from the fact that I have several email addresses, I have several credit cards. The one I use will depend on which of them is currently giving the best cashback or the most air miles. (So if the government passes a law making the use of pseudonyms on the Net illegal, does this mean I have to stick to the one ISP and the one credit card )
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is analogous to the single class case. For now, we assume that class switching is not allowed and thus the number of jobs in each class is constant. Corresponding to Eq. (8.2), we define for k = 0, . . . , K the auxiliary functions:
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The deviation from the exact results is similar to the one in the single class case for the SUM and is slightly worse but tolerable for the BOTT (see Table 9.10). The average number of iterations for the examples of Table 9.10
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Description A pungent herb with coarse-textured leaves Greenish-brown seeds similar in avor to anise, but larger in size Strong, aromatic member of onion family; fresh bulbs composed of many small cloves Light brown, knobby root of ginger plant Slightly soft, purple berries with piney avor; principal avoring of gin A tropical grass with a slightly bulbous base and an aroma of lemon Orange outer covering of nutmeg; similar avor, but milder Gray-green herb with pleasant aroma and slightly minty avor, similar to oregano, but much milder Aromatic herb with familiar cool avor; two varieties: spearmint and peppermint Very pungent seed in two varieties: white or yellow and brown brown is stronger Sweet, aromatic kernel of nutmeg fruit
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Like GetProfileStringA, this function only works on the win.ini file. If the function completes successfully, a nonzero value is returned; if not, zero is returned.
None of these steps is particularly intuitive, especially when it comes to composing the XML and writing callback routines. Your best bet is to find an example that is reasonably close to what you want and customize its XML to suit your purposes.
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