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Click the Run button or the Datasheet button to view the query s results (see Figure 4.11).
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Move the mouse pointer all the way to the bottom of the screen (as if you re trying to move it clear off the bottom of the screen). If the taskbar slides up into view, you just need to turn off its Auto-Hide option. Here s how: 1. Move the mouse pointer to the left edge of the screen, then off the bottom of the screen so that the taskbar slides up into view. 2. Right-click the Start button and choose Properties. 3. Click the Auto-hide the taskbar option to clear its check mark. 4. Click OK. If the taskbar didn t slide up into view when you moved the mouse pointer off the bottom of the screen, move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen again. Hold down the left mouse button, and move the mouse pointer up slightly. When the taskbar is visible, release the mouse button.
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See, for example, Solomon, Greenberg, and Pyszczynski (1998). Loy (1996, p. 3) cites Otto Rank as the originator of the term immortality projects. The social scientists of terror management theory use this term a lot in association with the pychologist Ernst Becker, whose writing Pulitzer-Prize winning book The Denial of Death (1973), plus see other works inspired their original impetus to test out the effects of death awareness on people. Greenberg, Solomon, Pyszczynski (1997, pp. 65, 66). Ibid., p. 65. Solomon, Greenberg, and Pyszczynski (1998, p. 20). Ibid., p. 26. For a very readable overview, see Solomon, Greenberg, and Pyszczynski (1998). For a more technical overview, see Greenberg, Solomon and Pyszczynski (1997). The theory has behind it more than 80 studies, as of Solomon, Greenberg, and Pyszczynski (2000). Arndt et al. (1998). Solomon, Greenberg, and Pyszczynski (1998). That subtle reminders of death are all around us is in Solomon, Greenberg, and Pyszczynski (1998). See Goldenberg et al. (2000). Solomon, Greenberg, and Pyszczynski (1998, p. 40 41). Of course, the question arises whether the tolerant ones can remain so because they have the intolerant folks to wag fingers at when they need some bout of worldview defense as an antidote to death awareness. Greenberg, Solomon, Pyszczynski (1997, p. 131). Loy (1996, chapter 5) provides an analysis of fame and other psychological drives related to seeking forms of immortality as a protection against a general lack we feel in life, some of of which is related to mortality.
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Tibballs, J. (1996) Teaching hospital medical staff to hand wash. Medical Journal of Australia, 164, 395 398. Tschudin, V. (1991) Just four questions. Nursing Times, 87 (39), 46 47. Valk, G.D., Kriegsman, D.M.W., Assendelft, W.J.J. (2003) Patient education for preventing diabetic foot ulceration (Cochrane Methodology review). The Cochrane Library, Issue 4. John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester. Villines, B., Harrington, J. (1998) A spiritual needs protocol. American Journal of Nursing, 98 (1), 28. Wang, Z., Qiu, W., Mendenhall, W.M. (2003) In uence of radiation therapy on reconstructive aps after radical resection of head and neck cancer. International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 32 (1), 35 38. Ward, S.E., Berry, P.E., Misiewicz, H. (1996) Concerns about analgesics among patients and family caregivers in a hospice setting. Research in Nursing and Health, 19 (3), 205 211. Williams, J.Z., Barbul, A. (2003) Nutrition and wound healing. Surgical Clinics of North America, 83 (3), 571 596. Wissing, U., Unosson, M. (1999) The relationship between nutritional status and physical activity, ulcer history and ulcer-related problems in patients with leg and foot ulcers. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Science, 13 (2), 123 128. Wissing, U., Ek, A.C., Unosson, M. (2001) A follow-up study of ulcer healing, nutrition and life situation in elderly patients with leg ulcers. Journal of Nutrition, Health and Ageing, 5 (1), 37 42. Woods, N. (1972) Patterns of sleep in post-cardiotomy patients. Nursing Research, 21, 347 352. Wysocki, A.B. (1996) The effect of intermittent noise exposure on wound healing. Advances in Wound Care, 9 (1), 35 39. Yates, P., Dewar, A., Fentiman, B. (1995) Pain: the views of elderly people living in longterm residential care settings. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 21 (4), 667 674. Zainal, G. (1995) Nutritional demands. Nursing Times, 91 (38), 57 59. Zhou, Y.P., Jiang, Z.M., Sun, Y.H., Wang, X.R., Ma, E.L., Wilmore, D. (2003) The effect of supplemental enteral glutamine on plasma levels, gut function and outcome in severe burns: a randomised, double-blind, controlled clinical trial. Journal of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, 27 (4), 241 245. Zigmond, A.S., Snaith, R.P. (1983) The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 67, 361 370.
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The code in cmdWith_Click is further improved by using the For Each statement to traverse the Controls collection. For Each walks through each member of a collection, making it available for examination or manipulation. The following code shows how For Each simplifies the example.
The Access .accdb format supports several new features, such as multivalued fields and attachments, not available in previous versions (.mdb). The new file format can t be opened or linked to earlier versions of Access (although you can link tables in earlier versions to an .accdb file). The .accdb file format doesn t support replication or user-level security. If you need to use an Access 2010 database with earlier versions of Access or use replication or user-level security, you must use the .mdb file format. You can open and even run Access 97 database files, but you can t make any design changes in the Access 97 .mdb file. You can open Access 2002 2003 and Access 2000 database files and make any desired changes to them. However, you ll only be able to use features specific to those versions. Some of the new Access features won t be available, particularly those features that rely on the ACE database engine. The default database file format in Access 2007 and 2010 is .accdb. You can convert a database saved in a previous format by opening the database in Access 2010, clicking the File menu in the upper-left corner of the main Access screen to open the Access Options dialog box, and selecting the Share tab. The Share tab (see Figure 24.2) includes a number of options for saving the current database in a number of different Access formats (.accdb, 2002 2003 .mdb, 2000 .mdb, and so on), or saving individual objects, such as forms or reports, in .pdf or .xps formats.
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