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The Management of Patients with Chronic Wounds 143
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These assumptions lead to the four product-form node types and the local balance conditions for BCMP networks (see Section 7.3.2), that is: Type-l: Type-3: -/M/m - FCFS Type-2: Type-4: -/G/l -/G/l - PS - LCFS PR
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Strategies that Work
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Multiplicities, one at each end of the association, which identify the size of the set of objects of the class at that end in the association relative to an object at the other end. These multiplicities can be 1 n a..b * a..* where a, b, and n are particular natural numbers. represents an unlimited number and is the most general multiplicity. These are parts (meta-attributes lower and upper) of each Property, since this metaclass inherits from MultiplicityElement. A feature de ned by an association end is termed many-valued if its multiplicity is not 1, and single-valued if its multiplicity is 1. In versions of UML before UML 2, multiplicities with discontinuous ranges were also possible, such as m, n..p (allows m instances, or any number between n and p inclusive).
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