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Let Qr = Q~r,l 5 I 5 F - 1, denote submatrices containing transition rates between grouped states within fast recurrent subset Sr only. Submatrices AIJ, I # J, contain entries of transitions rates from subset SI to SJ. Finally, Ace and AFF collect intra slow states and intra fast transient states transition rates, respectively. Matrices Qr , 1 5 I 5 F - 1, contain at least one fast entry in each row. Furthermore, there must be at least one fast entry in one of the matrices AFI, 0 5 I 5 F - 1 if SF # 8. Matrix AFF may contain zero or more fast entries. Finally, all other matrices, i.e., Aoo,&J,-~ # J,O L I L F-LO 5 J < F, cant ain only slow entries. By definition, only slow transitions are possible among these subsets SI and SJ. An approximation to r(t) is derived, where n(t) is the solution to the differential Eq. (5.36):
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action level, assuming that the transfer and allocation methods work correctly. As can be immediately seen, RAROC is a single-period measure.32 Since economic capital is typically calculated at a one-year horizon,33 the risk-adjusted net income is also determined over the same measurement period. Even though we will not discuss each of the components of the riskadjusted net income in detail, note that the only risk adjustment in the numerator is the deduction of expected (credit) losses (as defined in the previous chapter). Whereas some definitions of RAROC consider taxes in the risk-adjusted net income, we are only dealing with a pretax version of this RAPM measure for the following reasons:
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Control Function
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Installing Vista on a New System
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Tpical systems falling into this category include interactive exhibits at museums and exhibition centres, but also other public systems that are generally referred to as kiosk systems. These systems can be classified into four groups, according to their main function [Borchers et al., 19951:
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The Advanced Lighting panel in Max includes light tracing and radiosity options. You can choose either option from the Advanced Lighting panel in the Render Scene dialog box. You can open this panel with the Radiosity option selected using the Rendering Advanced Lighting Radiosity menu command. Pressing the 9 key opens the Render Scene dialog box with the Advanced Lighting panel open. Radiosity lighting is not displayed until you have Max compute it by clicking the Start button in the Radiosity Processing Parameters rollout. After a radiosity solution is calculated, the results are saved as light maps. These maps are easy to apply to a scene and can be viewed within the viewports. However, when the geometry or lights of the scene change, you need to recalculate the lighting solution. The Radiosity Processing Parameters rollout, shown in Figure 30-8, lets you set the quality of the radiosity solution. You can also specify the number of iterations to use for the scene and for the selected objects. These are different steps in the radiosity computation. The Initial Quality defines the accuracy of the rays that are bounced around the scene. This stage sets the brightness for the scene. The Refine Iterations improves the general quality of the lighting solution for each iteration. You can refine iterations only for the selected object. This lets you target the iterations instead of computing them for the entire scene. The Interactive Tools section lets you specify a Filtering value. A greater Filtering value eliminates noise between adjacent surfaces by averaging the lighting coming from all surrounding surfaces. The Setup button offers access to the Exposure Control rollout in the Environment panel. You can also turn off Radiosity in the viewports.
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Resource Planning In addition to high-level and detailed planning, resource planning is also available. Resource planning is performed below the primary cost element level. A resource represents a procured good or service that rolls up into one primary cost element. For example, planning is often performed for a primary cost element, such as Consulting Fees. However, this primary cost element reflects the expense for all externally procured consultants. Resource planning provides the ability to further define resources that are included within this
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Encapsulation isn t well implemented in the clsProduct1 example presented in this section. For example, the form s code retrieves the data, and assigns values to the product object s properties. A better approach would be to have all the data management performed by the class itself, isolating the form from the data-management operations. A form using a properly constructed class shouldn t have to know which database table contains the product data; instead, the form should be a strict consumer of the product data.
See Step 2 of Technique 4, Exporting a Layout from Fireworks into Dreamweaver. ) Choose File Export or press Ctrl+Shift+R. The Export dialog box appears. Click the Browse button to find the directory in which you want to store the HTML page and its corresponding images. By default, your HTML page is given the same name as your .png file. You can give it a different name in the File Name field.
Part V Securing Your System
P r o c e d u r e 1. Combine the water and sugar in a trunnion kettle or large saucepot. Bring to a boil. stirring until the sugar is dissolved. 2. Remove from heat and add the vanilla.
Figure 10-9: A single desktop picture stretched across two monitors
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