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Part IV
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Part X MAXScript and Plug-Ins
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Figure 34-15: Displayed and sorted into groups
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became obsessed with the idea that the world needed a sole replacement for its many religions. Although some are very widespread and claim to be global, every single one developed in a world that was not itself global but local: Judea, India, China, Arabia, and so forth. Today the world is finally and undeniably all-connected (so my thinking went), and so needs a cosmic outlook born from the global context. That outlook can be provided by science. I made notes for a book about the replacement of religion by science. The book never made it past these plans. I was much too busy as a newly minted scientist. Just a month earlier I had received a Ph.D. for my research into the global cycle of carbon. But what about my obsession during those weeks, immediately following Babci s death By postulating that my own worldview and that of my professional in-group should become everyone else s, was I having an episode of worldview defense Was I fending off thoughts of my own mortality, which had painfully oozed into near consciousness at my grandmother s death, in planning for world domination of my own ideology From the viewpoint of terror management theory, it sure feels like it. My retired friend Ann Marek recently told me of how aware she has become about the dead being alive today, in us. As she ages, she is ever more actively contemplating the meaning of life and death, and is glorifying in the fact that Jesus is alive in us through images and teachings, that Buddha is alive in us through images and teachings. We could include any of your favorite teachers from the past. There is less separation between them and us than we think. To the extent that we share ideas, values, beliefs, goals, and knowledge, they are us. They inhabit, and thus form parts of, our consciously thinking selves and our vitally active,
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As with most database objects, the first step to creating a new Access ribbon is to design it carefully on paper. If you are converting an existing toolbar or menu to an Access ribbon, you have a pretty good idea of the controls and other items to add to the ribbon. The XML document you create for your ribbon mirrors the design you ve laid out. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of composing the ribbons XML is visualizing how the ribbon will look, based on the XML behind it. There are no visual cues in a ribbon XML document that hint at the ribbon s appearance when rendered in Access. Experience will be your best guide as you work with ribbon customization, and sometimes trial and error is the only way to achieve a desired objective. As a final point, Access is extremely fussy about the XML used to compose ribbons. There is no parser in Access that validates the XML as a ribbon is rendered. If an error exists in the XML document, Access refuses to render the ribbon, or the ribbon will be missing elements defined in the XML. Most often, the only way you know that an error exists in your ribbon XML code is that Access loads the default ribbon instead of your custom ribbon. Inevitably, ribbon development in Access requires a number of back-and-forth cycles in which you modify the XML, transfer it to Access, and view the results. You have no real way of really knowing how well your XML will work as a ribbon specification until Access renders the ribbon on the screen. The section titled, The Basic Ribbon XML, later in this chapter, describes the fundamental XML statements required by Access ribbons. See the section titled, Using Visual Web Developer later in this chapter to see how to use the Express edition to compose the XML driving your Access ribbons. Also, several sections in this chapter discuss the XML necessary to define ribbons, tabs, groups, and controls.
Figure 7.9 Slicing technique 2.
Capability Rule 2
Numbering Systems
This message appears when you attempt to capture video from an external video camera or other external device, but the device is either not connected, or the capture device isn t recognized by Windows Movie Maker. If your intent was to use video content that s already on your hard disk, choose File Import into Collections (not the Capture option) to import the video. See the item that follows if you re using an S-Video cable or bridge that connects to the computer through a USB port.
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Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
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