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The Advanced tab of the Windows Firewall dialog box, shown in Figure 26-9, lets you configure specific network connections. If you have an IEEE 1394 port and a mixed-mode network, the 1394 device may be used as a network bridge between the two different types of networks (for example, to connect a wireless computer or network to a wired network). This is normal and need not be changed unless it causes problems with devices you plug into the port externally.
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4 A Pattern Language for Interactive Music Exhibits
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Using Vista Programs and Accessories
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There is much tacit knowledge transferred in a conversation and demonstration (i.e. show and tell) that does not come across in a failing test case. For example watching the tester step through the problem allows the
This chapter reviews several delta neutral strategies including straddles, strangles, and synthetic straddles. These strategies are based on optimal mathematical relationships and have a high probability of pro tability if applied in suitable markets. Examples of each strategy are included to enable the reader to become fully acquainted with the calculations of risk, reward, and breakevens. This chapter covers both limited risk and unlimited risk strategies (short straddles and short strangles). Keep in mind that I do not recommend placing unlimited risk strategies; they are included so that readers are introduced to the mechanics involved. A long straddle and strangle form a U-shaped risk graph, which visually conveys the unlimited reward and limited risk nature of these delta neutral strategies. This type of risk graph is also available when trading a long synthetic straddle with calls or puts. Short straddles and strangles have an upside-down U-shaped risk graph, which tells us that the reward is limited and the risk is unlimited. Straddles, strangles, and synthetic straddles are all delta neutral strategies to start. Synthetic straddles can be adjusted over time, which makes them a favorite for many traders. New traders often do not understand how simultaneously buying a put and a call can be pro table. The idea is that as a stock moves, one side of the straddle or strangle will see a larger gain than the other side will see a loss. If the underlying asset rises in price, the losing option can only fall to zero, whereas the pro table option can rise inde nitely. 100
Portions: 10 Portion size: 5 oz (150 g) meat
The most widely sold solution to the problems of Internet security is the firewall. This is a machine that stands between a local network and the Internet, and filters out traffic that might be harmful. The idea of a solution in a box has great appeal to many organizations, and is now so widely accepted that it s seen as an essential part of corporate due diligence. (Many purchasers prefer expensive firewalls to good ones.) Firewalls come in basically three flavors, depending on whether they filter at the IP packet level, at the TCP session level, or at the application level.
VBA offers the Select Case statement to check for multiple conditions. Following is the general syntax of the Select Case statement:
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Box 10.19 Example of monitoring de ciencies Smiths, a food-distribution business, took orders from customers on the basis of 48-hour delivery. Customers needed a more rapid service and they frequently pressed the sales department for faster turnaround. Then a new competitor began offering next-day delivery. Smiths was caught off guard and within a month had lost three major customers to the newcomer. More were soon to defect. An urgent directors review followed these defections. They found that no one was listening. If managers had had their ngers on the pulse of the market and had listened to their sales staff, they would have been able to anticipate customers changing needs and would have had the opportunity to upgrade service levels before losing business. (The marketing director estimated that each major customer had cost some 150 000 over ve years to win and retain.) Systematic monitoring and review of strategy and market conditions on a regular basis could have averted the disaster.
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