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henever you save a file or create a folder, you need to give it a name. Before you do, ask yourself If I needed this thing a year from now, and forgot its name, what would I look for Whatever word pops into your head is probably the best name to give to the item. You re not limited to a single word. But you want to keep the name short. There s not always room to show the entire name of a file or folder. So put the most important word first so that if the name is cut off, you can at least see the most recognizable part of the name. In some situations, it makes sense to name things by number. For example, this chapter ( 28) was a file on my computer named 28Chap. Each picture was its own, separate file. Those I named 2801fig, 2802fig, 2803fig, each name corresponding to the figure number. When using numbers to name things, it s best to use the same amount of digits in each number. Otherwise, when you sort by name, they won t be in the order you expect. For example, I know there will never be more than 99 pictures in a chapter. So I use two-digit numbers for each figure. The 28 is the chapter number. The 01, 02, and 03 are the figure number. So the first figure is 2802 and the highest possible figure number is 2899. You can use hyphens.
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Figure 14-15: About to rename multiple selected files
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Gatekeepers are information bottlenecks, controlling the ow of contact to a particular part of the organization, thus making themselves indispensable. In many manufacturing companies, managers of key assembly plants are well known as gatekeepers, protecting the plant s integrity (and their own position) by keeping a tight rein on the information owing in either direction between the plant and the rest of the company. 3. Pulse takers have the most indirect ties. Stephenson says that they are almost the opposite of hubs. They re unseen but all seeing. They carry a lot of in uence, but it tends to be subtle. Stephenson s favorite famous pulse taker: Machiavelli. A pulse taker s patterns of connection show a distinct mathematical pattern, with links that are relatively sparse but frequently used and diverse. Every now and then someone gets colloquially recognized as the rst to sense changes in the wind and to intervene in subtle but powerful ways. Stephenson likens pulse takers to prairie dogs, poking their heads above the cubicle tops to see what s going on. Organizations are composed of tribes. Social network analysts claim that decision making can be examined the same way lab technicians analyze chemical reactions. Companies can analyze, engineer, and optimize their own human networks. Even I, after 30 years of research, can t see them by staring at the diagrams, she says. You can only detect them through the mathematics 9 by which Stephenson means the algorithmic analysis of survey data. Companies can exert far greater control over their competitiveness and their future by putting the right people in the right places and fostering new opportunities for them to talk with each other. Trust networks release cognitive capability.
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All forms and reports support events. The procedures associated with form and report events can be macros or VBA code. Every form or report you add to your database contains a VBA code module (unless its Has Module property is set to No). This form or report module is an integral part of the form or report; it s used as a container for the event procedures you create for the form or report. The module attached to each form or report is a convenient way to place all the object s event procedures in a single location.
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Using the Rendered Frame Window
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21 Salads and Salad Dressings
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If you have a digital video camera that connects to the computer through an IEEE 1394 port, and also a 1394 port on your computer, you may be able to use your digital video camera as a bridge. You must be using Windows Movie Maker 2.1 (the version that comes with the Service Pack 2 download) for this to work. Also, you ll need to learn how to use the DV Pass-Through feature of your camera. The main point here, though, whether you re using a bridge or a capture card is this: Since you want to capture content from the external device to the computer, you must connect the Out ports on the external device to the In ports on the computer. If you have a choice between using either S-Video or the standard RCA video plugs, you should go with S-Video, because it transfers higher-quality video. But be aware that both RCA and S-Video connectors carry only the video signal. You still have to connect audio ports with either type of connection.
Toolbar Button Name Pick Shape Previous Shape Next Shape Description Selects a new cross-section spline to be inserted at the specified location Moves to the previous cross-section shape along the Loft path Moves to the next cross-section shape along the Loft path
40 The Optimism Advantage Psychologist and author of Learned Optimism Martin Seligman added his appreciation for the power that purpose can provide: Optimism, . . . by itself, cannot provide meaning. Optimism is a tool to help the individual achieve the goals he has set for himself. It is in the choice of the goals themselves that meaning or emptiness resides. When learned optimism is coupled with a renewed commitment to the commons, our epidemic of depression and meaninglessness may end. In other words, a positive attitude is a good thing, but it isn t the only thing. Only when it is combined with meaningful goals and supporting actions does optimism really help us get to where we need to be! Don t let yourself wake up in three years and say, I m three years older, and I just happened to get here. Clarify your vision, so that you can grow into it. Terri Lonier
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