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The Other Greeks
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FIGURE 32.18
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Character Map.
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Southwestern Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken Oriental Style
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cause a reddening of the skin, but cause injury to the cells of the dermis and the subcutaneous layer of fat that is underneath the outer layer. This damage can show up years later as lines and wrinkles. The March 2001 edition of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology presents research showing that green tea extract is remarkably effective at protecting your skin from sunburning. A 2.5 percent solution of extract gave excellent protection, and a 10 percent solution gave complete protection from sunburn. Look for it in topical sun-protective products.
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Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life
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Chicken Vegetable Rice Soup
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* * Set Boolean generali zation isCovering: Boolean isDisjoint: Boolean
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Sending your HTML e-mail from Outlook Express is slightly different, though just as quick and easy. In Outlook Express, open a new e-mail message by choosing File New Mail Message. Make sure that the format of the e-mail is Rich Text (HTML). You can check this by choosing Format Rich Text (HTML) on the menu in the New Message window.
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Pause/Resume Next To customize the gadget, click the Settings button, or right-click and choose Settings. The Settings box opens as in Figure 22.32. To have the gadget show pictures from a particular folder, click the ... button to the right of the Directory option. Then navigate to the folder that contains the pictures and click OK. The other two options let you determine the duration of the fade effect between pictures, and how long each picture shows. FIGURE 22.32
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3. Type the complete e-mail address of the person you plan to communicate with, and click the Next> button. 4. What happens next depends on whether the person you added already has a .NET Passport. The wizard will present your options. Just follow the instructions on the screen. 5. Click the Finish button on the last wizard page. You can repeat Steps 1 to 5 to add as many contacts as you wish. Each contact you create will appear in the main pane beneath the menu bar. For example, in Figure 34-2, I set up three contacts: Alan, David, and one whose name still appears as an e-mail address.
11. Keep knives sharp.A sharp knife is safer than a dull one because it requires less pressure and is less likely to slip. 12. Use a cutting board. Do not cut against a metal surface. Place a damp towel under the board to keep it from slipping. 13. Pay attention to your work when using a knife or cutting equipment. 14. Cut away from yourself and other workers. 15. Use knives only for cutting, not for such jobs as opening bottles. 16. Don t try to catch a falling knife. Step back and let it fall. 17. Don t put knives in a sink, under water, or any other place where they can t be seen.
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Multiplying out the denominator in the above transfer function will yield a fourth-order expression which can be factorized into the product of rst-order and second-order terms. In this case the closed loop transfer function approximates to one second-order and two rst-order terms as follows: =
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