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Several communities have organizations that provide free rides largely to individuals who drive while being alcohol impaired. Harding, Apsler & Goldfein (1988) surveyed 335 ride
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Realm 4
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Err on the side of caution by planning over longer periods when introducing major changes. This is because it always takes longer than you think to get changes embedded and working smoothly. With all the preparation rmly in place, it is now time to draw up a planning schedule and to secure the approval and agreement of colleagues. The schedule (see example in Box 10.4) should show:
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DS3 PPP Session Handler T1
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The Material Editor Options dialog box includes options that control how the materials are displayed in the sample slots. These options are as follows: Manual Update: Doesn t update any changes in the sample slot until the slot is clicked on. Don t Animate: Causes materials not to animate when an animation is played or the Time Slider is dragged. It does, however, update these materials to the current frame. Animate Active Only: Animates only the active sample slot if it contains an animated material. This option isn t available when the Don t Animate option is selected. Update Active Only: Updates only the active sample slot when changes are made to the material. Antialias: Enables anti-aliasing for all sample slots. Aliasing is a negative staircase-type effect that occurs for pixel-based images when adjacent pixels along the edges of an image are different colors. Anti-aliasing is a process for eliminating this distracting effect and smoothing the edges. Progressive refinement: Causes materials to be rendered progressively. This causes the material to appear quickly as blocky sections and then slowly in more detail. This gives you a rough idea of how the material looks before the rendering is finished. Simple Multi Display Below Top Level: Displays several different areas for only the top level when a Multi/Sub-Object material is applied. Display Maps as 2D: Displays stand-alone maps in 2D and not on the sample object. This feature helps you to know when you re looking at a map versus a material. Custom Background: Enables you to use a custom background behind the sample slots. You can load the background using the button to the right of the option. Once
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Overview of SAP and Integrated Activity-Based Costing
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When you click on the Split button (refer to Figure 21.5), the Database Splitter creates the backend database, exports all tables to it, deletes the tables in the local database, and creates links to the back-end tables. In other words, the Database Splitter performs precisely the same steps you d have to perform manually if the Database Splitter weren t available.
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Upstream versus downstream bandwidth
circumstance in turn leads us to wider rami cations. Concerning the interpretation of texts from the past, modern hermeneutics as formulated by German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer emphasizes the reciprocal and mutually inextricable dependence of past and present. This is true for all literary texts, be they ctional, religious, or historical.49 How then does a modern author approach the distant past in a work of historical ction in our case, the past of classical antiquity To avoid Jamesian escamotage as much as possible, two kinds of procedure are most promising. The one is the pursuit of historical accuracy to the highest possible degree, even if an ideal state of complete authenticity or correctness remains impossible to reach. This is the path taken by, for instance, Mary Renault in her novels about Greek history and historical myth (or mythical history). In a 1979 article entitled The Fiction of History Renault stated her goal as follows:
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