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[514] M Lyu, Software Reliability Engineering, IEEE Computer Society Press (1995), ISBN 0-07-039400-8. [515] B Macq, Special Issue: Identification and Protection of Multimedia Information, Proceedings of the IEEE, v 87 no 7 (July 1999). [516] W Madsen, Airline Passengers to Be Subject to Database Monitoring, in Computer Fraud and Security Bulletin (Mar 1997), pp 7 8. [517] W Madsen, Crypto AG: The NSA s Trojan Whore in Covert Action Quarterly (Winter 1998), at [518] W Madsen, Government-Sponsored Computer Warfare and Sabotage, in Computers and Security, v 11 (1991), pp 233 236. [519] M Maes, Twin Peaks: The Histogram Attack on Fixed-Depth Image Watermarks, in Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Information Hiding (1998), Springer LNCS, v 1525, pp 290 305. [520] K Maguire, Muckraker Who Feeds Off Bins of the Famous, in The G u a r d i a n (July 27, 2000), at
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Getting Around in Windows XP
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Adding the last term of Eq. (3.56) on both sides of that equation results in an equation that can be interpreted similarly as Eq. (3.55):
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Notice the Bound Object Frame control for the Small_Picture field. Access always creates a Bound Object Frame control for an OLE-type object found in a table. Also notice that the Detail section automatically resizes itself to fit all the controls. Above the Bound Object Frame control is the control for the memo field Features.
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Hypertrophic scars occur when there is an excessive brous tissue response during the healing process resulting in excessive deposition of collagen and a thick wound scar (Munro, 1995). Cherry et al. (2000) suggest that the ratio of type I to type III collagen is lower than in normal skin. Hypertrophic scars are more common after traumatic injury, especially large burns. They occur shortly after the injury or surgery and remain limited to the area of the injury. They will generally atten out with time, about one to two years.
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Weakness One and Its Workaround: ______________________
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privacy violations can be expected. These systems need to implement rules such as, nurses can see the records of any patient who has been cared for in their department at any time during the previous 90 days. This can be hard to do with traditional computer security mechanisms, as roles can change (nurses move from one department to another); and there are cross-system dependencies (the patient records system may end up relying on the personnel system for access control decisions, so any failure of the personnel system can have
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Other Access tables (.accdb, .accde, .accdr, .mdb, .mda, .mde) Excel spreadsheets Exchange documents Outlook documents FoxPro dBASE Text files HTML documents SharePoint Team Services ODBC databases
Figure 2-4: The Perspective viewport zoomed in on the dog s head using the Zoom and Pan controls
loop (m, n, [C]T ) = seq(T , . . . , seq (T , loop (0, n m, [C]T )) . . . )
Period 3 Market Segment P&L: Prod/Serv #1000 by Customer View C100 $450,000 $ 90,000
Converting to editable objects
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