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When the user double-clicks a control other than a command button: MouseDown MouseUp Click DblClick MouseUp
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Ingredients White bread, in thin slices Melted butter Eggs Sugar Salt Vanilla Milk Cinnamon Nutmeg
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The Wave modifier can add a gentle wave to an object such as a flag. If you animate the Phase value, you can show a flag unfurling in the breeze. To animate a flag waving with the Wave modifier, follow these steps: 1. Open the Waving US flag.max file from the Chap 12 directory on the DVD. This file includes a simple flag and flagpole made from primitive objects. 2. With the flag selected, select the Modifiers Parametric Deformers Wave menu command to apply the Wave modifier to the flag. 3. Notice how the waves run from the top of the flag to the bottom. You can change this by rotating the gizmo. Click the plus sign to the left of the Wave modifier in the Modifier Stack and select the Gizmo subobject. With the Select and Rotate tool (E), rotate the gizmo 90 degrees and then scale the gizmo with the Select and Scale tool (R) so it covers the flag object. Click the Gizmo subobject again to deselect gizmo suboject mode. 4. Set Amplitude 1 to 25, Amplitude 2 to 0, and the Wave Length to 50. Then click the Auto Key button (N), drag the Time Slider to frame 100, and set the Phase value to 4. Click the Auto Key button (N) again to exit key mode. Figure 12-23 shows the waving flag.
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The story of the invention of subliminal channels is told in [707]. During the Carter administration, the United States proposed a deal with the Soviet Union under which each side would cooperate with the other to verify the number of intercontinental ballistic missiles. At the same time, in order to protect U.S. Minuteman missiles against a possible Soviet first strike, it was proposed that 100 missiles be moved randomly around a field of 1,000 silos by giant trucks, which were designed so that observers couldn t determine whether they were moving a missile or not. The Soviets would have had to destroy all 1,000 silos to make a successful first strike; and in the context of the proposed arms controls this was thought impractical. This raised the interesting problem of how to assure the Soviets that there were at most 100 missiles in the silo field, but without letting them find out which silos were occupied. The proposed solution was that the silos would have a Russian sensor package that would detect the presence or absence of a missile, sign this single bit of information, and send it via a U.S. monitoring facility to Moscow. The sensors would be packaged and randomly shuffled by the Americans before emplacement, so that the Russians could not correlate full or empty signals with particular silos. The catch was that only this single bit of information could be sent; if the Russians could smuggle any more information into the message, they could quickly locate the full silos as it would take only 10 bits of address information to specify a single silo in the field. (There were many other security requirements to prevent either side cheating, or falsely accusing the other of cheating: for more details, see [706].) To understand how subliminal channels work, consider the Digital Signature Algorithm described in 5. The systemwide values are a prime number p, a 160-bit prime number q dividing p 1, and a generator g of a subgroup of F* p of order q. The signature on the message M is r, s where r = (g k (modulo p)) (modulo q), and k is a random session key. The mapping from k to r is fairly random, so a signer who wishes to hide 10 bits of information in this signature for covert transmission to an accomplice can first agree how the bits will be hidden (such as bits 72 81 ) and, second, try out one value of k after another until the resulting value r has the desired value in the agreed place. This could have caused a disastrous failure of the security protocol, as there had been an agreement that the monitoring messages would be authenticated first with a Russian scheme, using Russian equipment, then by an American scheme using American equipment. Had the Russians specified a signature scheme like DSA, they could have leaked the location of the occupied silos and acquired the capability to make a first strike against the Minuteman force. In the end, the missile shell game, as it had become known in the popular press, wasn t used. The cooling of relations following the 1980 election put things on hold. Eventually, with the Medium Range Ballistic Missile Treaty, statistical methods were used. The Russians could say, We d like to look at the following 20 silos, and they would be uncapped for their satellites to take a look. Since the end of the Cold War, inspections have become much more intimate with inspection flights in manned aircraft carrying observers from both sides, rather than satellites. Still, the discovery of subliminal channels was significant. Ways in which they might be abused include putting HIV status, or the fact of a felony conviction, into a next-generation digital identity card. Where this is unacceptable, and the card issuer isn t sufficiently trusted not to do it, the remedy is to use a completely deterministic signature scheme such as RSA instead of one that uses a random session key like DSA.
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ASK BOB AND PETER: I was recently transferred back to the store that I managed for four years. Since I came back, there is a new employee who is pulling our team apart. I have tried different approaches to turn her around including being her buddy, training her more which just gets her angry and being strict with her. She has become lazy, and she has no focus; how can I motivate her to improve her performance
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L O N G - L I F E I N S UR A N C E P L A N 249
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You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a White guy, the best golfer is a Black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America s Cup, and France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance . . . Chris Rock
The Quick Access Toolbar remains on the screen at all times. Quick Access Toolbar
The last type of runtime error is the unknown or unanticipated application error. This is most often caused by a logical error in the code. Often, no error is displayed because the program is working exactly the way it was designed. For example, an endless loop occurs if you forget to advance a record pointer as you traverse a recordset or the condition ending a Do.Loop never
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