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It remains for this chapter to address two other aspects of The Fall of the Roman Empire. The rst points to a number of weaknesses; the second amounts to a posthumous vindication of Anthony Mann s and Samuel Bronston s epic vision.
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The New Know
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Psychiatric comorbidity in people with alcohol abuse or dependence presents multifaceted challenges for practitioners. One set of challenges involves accurate detection. Practitioners need to ensure that their primary focus of referral or treatment does not blind them to comorbidity. Psychiatric disorders can go undetected in a person with severe alcohol problems, due to the prominence of alcohol-related symptoms. Conversely, in psychiatric settings, alcohol problems can be overlooked in the context of severe psychiatric symptoms or functional impairment. There can also be uncertainty when diagnosing a psychiatric disorder in a person with alcohol misuse, due to the overlap in symptoms and the similar consequences of both disorders. A further set of challenges is posed by the selection and delivery of appropriate treatments for people with comorbid problems. Different or additional interventions for the psychiatric symptoms may be required, and the treatment of alcohol abuse or dependence may need to be tailored to the speci c psychiatric disorder. This complexity underscores the importance of both recognizing and treating psychiatric comorbidity in people with an alcohol use disorder. We begin with a review of the epidemiology of alcohol and psychiatric disorder comorbidity, in which we include both large community-based surveys of alcohol and psychiatric comorbidity and studies in treatment settings. Next, we describe the principles of treating patients with alcohol misuse and comorbid psychiatric disorders. As these principles differ
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Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
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New Know Reality #3: You Will Have to Know More about Knowing
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The BOTT is an iterative method where for each node i in each iteration step, the mean number of jobs Ki is determined as a function of the chosen
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Figure 3.1 Proportional plus integral control
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The location of pressure ulcers
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There can be a problem with the separator used if any of the fields in the text file contain the separator character as data. For example, if you use a comma to delimit fields, and one of the fields is Acme Widgets, Inc., Access will have a problem importing the file. The solution is to wrap text fields in double quotes ( Acme Widgets, Inc. ) so that the comma is not misinterpreted as a field separator. This use of double quotes is referred to as the text qualifier. Most often single- or double-quote marks are used for this purpose and usually resolve issues with special characters contained within data fields.
The Chief Ancient Sources
CrossReference Setting up and using strokes is covered in more detail in 5, Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences.
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