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Part VIII Installing and Removing Programs
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Exhibit 10.14
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To move an item, you put the mouse pointer on the item you want to move, and then drag. To select items by dragging, start with the mouse pointer near the first item you want to select, but not at a point where it s actually touching an icon.
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T&l) = 2.393, %(l,l) = 3.5,
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Solve the network of Fig. 10.35 by formulating it as a Problem 10.2 GSPN and solve it using SHARPE or SPNP. Compare the results obtained by means of FES approximation. 10.4.2 I/O Subsystems
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Software engineering, HCI, and application domain patterns should adopt a simple ranking scheme such as the one using zero, one or two stars used in [Alexander et al., 29771 and explained in more detail on page 18.
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When you apply a video effect, the star in the clip s lower-left corner brightens. You can add up to six effects per clip. To see what effects you ve added to a clip, point to the star on the clip. Near the bottom of Figure 25.14 you see an example where I m pointing to a clip to which I ve added Brightness, Increase effects, and an Ease In Effect. To see how applied effects will look in the movie, right-click the Storyboard clip to which you ve applied effects and choose Play Storyboard. The clip will play in the Monitor with the effects applied. To add, change, or remove effects, right-click the Storyboard clip and choose Effects. The Effects dialog box for that clip opens, like the example in Figure 25.15. To add an effect to the clip, click its name in the left column and click Add. To remove an effect, click its name in the right column and choose Remove.
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Type Process Name Print Materials
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To see the brand name and speed of your processor, and the amount of RAM you have, rightclick your My Computer icon and choose Properties. The General tab of the System Properties dialog box that opens shows that basic computer information as well as information about the version of Windows you re using, as in the example shown in Figure 56-1. Figure 56-1: The General tab of the System Properties dialog box
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z+(l) = 0.466,
If the source and destination are correct, then think what you want to do about the copy that s already in the destination. Notice that the size and the date you last edited each file are listed next to each icon. Your options are clearly explained right in the message window: n If you want to replace the file at the destination with the one you re moving or copying, click the first option, Copy this file or Move this file. n If you want to keep the file that s already at the destination and leave well enough alone, click Keep this original file or Cancel. Either way, the move/copy operation will be cancelled and it will be just as though you never even tried to move or copy. n If you want to keep the original but proceed with the move or copy, click the third option, Copy using another name or Move using another name. If you choose this option, the file will be moved or copied. Its name will be the same as the original name followed by a number, like Alec (2). So the bottom line here is that you can move or copy any file anywhere at any time. There are no restrictions. It s simply a matter of first knowing why you want to move or copy, because there is no point in doing such things purely for the heck of it. Then you need to know where the item is now and where you
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