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Review options and draw up strategic plan (see s 2 and 10). Specify the kind of organization needed to deliver the strategy (distinctive and core competences, see 10).
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Market Average*
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3: Designing Bulletproof Databases
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OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) objects are objects not part of an Access database. OLE objects commonly include pictures but may be any number of other data types, such as links to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and audio files. You can also include video files such as .mpg or .avi files. In Datasheet view, you can t view a picture or an OLE object without accessing the OLE server (such as Word, Excel, or the Windows Media Player). In Form view, however, you can size the OLE control area to be large enough to display a picture, business graph, or other OLE objects. You can also size text-box controls on forms so that you can see the data within the field you don t have to zoom in on the value, as you do with a datasheet field. The Access OLE control supports many types of objects. As with a datasheet, you have two ways to enter OLE fields into a form:
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By now your choice probably has been narrowed down to a few areas. Now it is time to consider individual communities or subdivisions in these areas. It is possible to pick the perfect area in which to live but to choose a neighborhood or community that causes unhappiness or at least reduces the pleasure of living in the area. Here are a few things to consider when searching for a community. Demographics. Florida became a magnet for retirees starting in the 1960s. Now I hear from many near-retirees and new retirees that they don t like Florida and even Arizona retirement communities because the populations are so old. They want to live with a younger, more active group. In addition to age, try to learn about the interests and activities of the community. Some communities have a range of clubs, sports leagues, and social activities. Other communities have more limited activities or have attracted residents who basically stay at home and have a few close friends. Some people want a leisure-minded retirement community, where the focus is on golf, tennis, and card playing. Others want a learning-oriented atmosphere with a college nearby or with classes, speeches, and lectures. Don t assume every community has all types of activities. Many tend to emphasize one over the other. Security. Americans of all ages seem more interested in secure communities each year. Do you want a gated community with its own security patrol Do you want an active neighborhood watch Some communities also have security measures built into individual living units. The association. In the last few decades, homeowners and community associations have become another branch of government. State laws usually let an association do pretty much whatever a majority of its members want. That can be good or bad. An effective association maintains property values and quality of life. But some associations pass detailed, restrictive rules and enforce them to the letter. Rules might encompass the size and design of mailboxes, lawn and patio furniture, and decks. One community association in my area once ordered an entire block of homes to take down their decks because the builder made each one six inches wider than allowed. It is not a bad idea to get a feel for the power and activities of the local association. Some retirement location experts advise you to review association and board meeting minutes for the last year or two to see what the current controversies are and how the group works.
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Part IV: Professional Database Development
Appendix B Installing XP on a New System
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