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You define an object by the code in a class module. You add that class module to your Access application, and then add the property and method code to a module before using the object that the class module defines. The name of the class module is the name of the object s class. A class module is a special type of code module. Access recognizes the module as the definition of an object and lets you create new instances of the object from the code in the module. Any of the object s special features including properties, methods, and events are exposed as procedures tagged with the Public keyword in the class module. You should declare any code in the class module you intend for only the object to use, and that you won t expose to the outside world, with the Private keyword. Each object you create from the class module is an instance of an object class. For example, the Nissan Sentra is a particular class of automobile. The Nissan Sentra that your Uncle Joe owns is a particular instance of the Nissan Sentra class of automobile. Even though Uncle Joe s car looks pretty much like every other Nissan Sentra, certain attributes of his car set it apart from all the other Nissan Sentras on the road. Carrying the car analogy a bit further, consider the properties and methods of the automobile object class. A car has a color property that defines the color of the car s exterior. It s likely that the color of any car matches the color applied to other cars produced by the car s manufacturer. A car also has a vehicle identification number (VIN) that isn t shared with any other car anywhere in the world. An object s property values, therefore, are a combination of values shared with other objects of the same class and values unique to the particular instance of the class. In fact, there must be a property or some other attribute of the object that sets it apart from all other instances of the same type of object in the application. Otherwise, Access can t know which instance you re referring to in your code. If you were to construct a Product class module, you d include properties such as Name (a string), UnitPrice (a currency data type), UnitsInStock (an integer or long integer), ReorderLevel (also an integer or long integer), and Discontinued (a Boolean value). Depending on how you planned to use the product object in the application, you might add properties to contain the quantity per unit, the category ID, and other information relevant to the application. You d also want to add the ProductID property to uniquely identify each instance of the product object. You may have noticed that all the properties I mention in the preceding paragraph correspond to the fields in the Products table in the Northwind Traders database. In fact, often each instance of the object represents a record contained in a database table. Because you re constructing the class in VBA code, you can add any properties necessary to support the application and the data you re constructing. When you build Access classes, you have access to all the power and utility available through the Access data types and features. Adding new public procedures to the class module extends the properties and methods available to the object.
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Roll with Resistance
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Exhibit 7.13 Key Business Decisions Supported by the ABC-PC Integration Sample
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Heat and Food
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That little line of text, called a query, in the Search box is what s actually returning the search results. When you perform the search, Vista actually looks through the whole index. But the query acts as a filter of sorts. Only items that meet the conditions set forth by the query show in the search results. In this example, only files whose Date Modified date is after 12/1/2007 and that have Alan in the Author property show in the search results. Items that don t match the criterion don t appear in the search results. Those items aren t deleted or changed in any way. They re simply filtered out so as not to show up in the search results. You can type your own queries into the Search box to perform complex searches. But, it s not as simple as asking a question or typing a bunch of words at random. You have to follow some rules and write the query in such a way that it can be interpreted properly. Otherwise, the search returns the wrong items, or no items at all. We ll look at some ways you can type your own complex queries in the sections to follow.
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Channels of distribution. Physical distribution of products.
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To open, edit, or print a document on a remote computer, it s not necessary to copy that file to your computer first. You can just open it from its current location by following these steps: 1. From your own computer, open My Network Places. The folder containing icons for all shared resources to which you have access opens, as in the example shown in Figure 62-5.
5. Reduce the broth over high heat to 1 qt (1 L). 6. Make a blond roux with the our and butter. Thicken the broth with it. 7. Add the lemon juice, brown sugar, dill, and capers. Adjust the seasonings.
Table 2.5 Trust Policies USER SITE 1 Inside sales Outside sales Production Accounting Backup USER SITE 2
The best thing about this book from which I intend to steal liberally for the next edition of The Only Investment Guide You ll Ever Need is that most people won t believe it. Or, believing it, won t have the patience to follow its advice. That s good, because the more people who know about a good thing, the more expensive that thing ordinarily becomes . . . bye-bye bargain. Yet unlike most systems meant to exploit anomalies in the market, Joel Greenblatt s simple notion will likely retain at least a good deal of its validity even if it becomes widely followed. I don t want to spoil the surprise the book is short enough as it is. My role here is simply to introduce you to the author, so you have some sense of just how far you can trust him.
Phytonutrients found in whole foods act as powerful antioxidants in the body not singly, but as a network. Though each phytonutrient has its specific protective action, its effectiveness is enhanced when it functions as part of a network. Phytonutrients synergize with each other, and even more importantly, recycle each other. As we discussed, when an antioxidant donates an electron to disarm a free radical, it becomes a free radical itself. Fortunately, if other antioxidants are present, the original electron donor can be regenerated or restored to its original antioxidant status. What makes network antioxidants so special is that they can greatly enhance the power of one another, states Lester Packer, Ph.D., director of Packer Lab at the University of California, Berkley, and co-author with Carol Colman of the book, The Antioxidant Miracle. It is not single antioxidants in whole foods but the entire network that produces the manifold effects of preventing or reversing disease. It is the antioxidant network in whole foods that has the far-reaching consequences of reversing the catabolic drive and reinstating your regenerative anabolic drive. Forget the idea of a single antioxidant; it takes the whole network to effectively neutralize the lethal forces of free radicals and to efficiently recycle and keep each antioxidant in the network active. An excellent example is lycopene, which is found abundantly in tomatoes and tomato-based products and credited with preventing prostate, lung and stomach
Prepare as in basic recipe, but saut chicken only lightly. Do not brown. Omit mushrooms and wine. Use Hungarian (hongroise) sauce instead of demi-glace. When the chicken is cooked, add 4 6 fl oz (125 175 mL) heavy cream (tempered or heated) to the sauce. Omit parsley garnish. Serve with rice pilaf.
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