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Exhibit 9.5
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Most of the many-colored beans in the illustrations are types of kidney beans.These are all varieties of one species of plant the same plant that gives us the common green bean.Their avors and textures vary slightly, but their cooking and handling characteristics are similar, although some may require longer cooking times than others. A subgroup of this family is sometimes called haricot beans (haricot is the French word for bean ).These are all varieties of green beans (haricots verts), which are allowed to ripen until the seeds are mature and dry. The members of this group are white beans of various sizes.The term kidney bean is then used for the remaining beans in this family, which have colors other than white. The most common kinds of kidney beans and haricot beans are summarized in Table 19.1.
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Arroz Verde
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Part I
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You ll learn more about form properties in 8.
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Financial Plan Area
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User-Friendliness Category Ease of Use Very easy Can be complex depending on design needs, not as intuitive, and requires more training Resource intensive due to all-inclusive nature and many validations required Extensive training investment Requires training (some extensive [e.g. ABAP]) and higher level of user skill
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11 Cooking Meats and Game
If you already have a favorite search engine, you can use it as your default search provider. If you have several favorites, you can add them all and make any one the default provider. If you re new to all of this, I can give you some advice on search providers to try. Here are the steps to follow to choose search providers:
Part V Securing Your System
27: Using the Windows Application Programming Interface
In the Help menu, you can find the Hotkey Map menu command that opens an interactive window, shown in Figure C-1, that displays all the current keyboard shortcuts for the main interface.
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