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Getting Started, Getting Secure
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This chapter has armed the reader with the basic tools that are needed to understand, analyze and evaluate the dynamic behavior of closed loop
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Between...And In Is Null Is Not Null
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Sockets may operate in one of two modes, blocking and non-blocking. An operation on a blocking socket is synchronous, that is the socket does not return control to the calling programming until it has completed the operation. A non-blocking operation is asynchronous and returns control immediately, but requires additional infrastructure to monitor when the data nally does arrive or is fully sent.
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Set the uted blade of a mandoline (a special slicer) so that it cuts very thin slices. Cut potatoes into round slices, turning the potato about 90 degrees between slices so that you cut waf e shapes (see Figure 18.3). Fry like potato chips.
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About to drop selected icons onto a subfolder s icon.
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Figure 6.19 First-order lag algorithm overview
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THE MANAGEMENT BIBLE your company s stock go up when the markets have decided it s time to go down. You can t prevent a tornado from tearing up the railroad tracks into your plant in Topeka, Kansas. You can t stop your competition from introducing a new series of products specifically designed to steal your key customers. If you re trying to control the uncontrollable, you are not only wasting your time and energy time and energy that would be better spent on dealing with the effects of such changes but also clearly resisting the changes in your business environment that are not only unavoidable, but inevitable. Warning sign 5: You ve become a victim of change. There is perhaps no sadder sign that you re resisting change than becoming a victim of it. Instead of embarking on the arduous path of dealing with change and figuring out how to use it to make your organization s products and services more responsive to your customers needs, you take the easy road, stubbing your toe along the way and ultimately sitting out the change altogether. Sitting on the sidelines nursing your wounds might be a comfortable place to be, but you can be sure that everyone else will eventually pass you by. Warning sign 6: You re waiting for someone else to step up to the plate. Do you find yourself dragging your feet, hoping deep down inside that someone else will jump in and take charge perhaps another manager, your boss, or even a competitor Remember, waiting does not make change go away; it only delays an organization s response to it. This delay can give the competition the leg up it needs to pull ahead of your organization in the marketplace. Warning sign 7: You ve become paralyzed. In its ultimate form, resistance to change results in paralysis; that is, the manager affected by it cannot make decisions or lead initiatives in response to change. The result Utter failure. Your job as a manager is to make things happen. When you can no longer make things happen, then you have outlived your usefulness as a manager, and you become expendable not exactly the place most employees in today s leaner organizations want to be.
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According to the Profit Sharing/401(k) Council of America, 17.5 percent of all eligible employees did not participate in their 401(k) plans in 1999. Not doing so is tantamount to throwing away money. An employer s matching contribution represents free cash. It provides an immediate and totally risk-free, tax-deferred return on your savings. By not contributing enough to receive the maximum possible match from your employer, you leave money on the table. Not only do you miss out on that money, but you miss out on the compounded growth that money could have earned a loss that could easily amount to thousands of dollars. Many 401(k) plans let you borrow money from them. Unless it s a dire emergency, however, it s unwise to take advantage of this. For
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18 Potatoes
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In addition, a display should be explicitly stored (the idea of using display belongs to Dijkstra who coined it in the early 1960s, in relation to ALGOL-60 implementation). From an abstract viewpoint, the display is an array that stores the references to activation records of the currently active chain of statically nested procedures. In the example (see Fig. 7.1), when the procedure s is called, the state of the display will be as follows: display[0] -> p display[1] -> r display[2] -> s When q is called from s, the state of the display changes: display[0] -> p display[1] -> q Addressing local variables and parameters, for the most general case of nested procedures, is based on the following principle. Any local variable X is mapped to an address pair: (level, offset), where level is the static nesting level of the procedure; offset is the relative address of X in the corresponding activation record. A procedure pointer is represented as a pair: (address of code, static link). When a procedure is called by its pointer, the state of the display changes, if necessary. In earlier Complicated Instruction Set Computer (CISC) hardware architectures, Burroughs 5000 and Elbrus [2], the above concepts of procedures, address pairs, and display update were fully supported by hardware, which surely caused its overcomplication. In Elbrus, the call instruction execution required 100 150 CPU cycles, which is surely too long, since in most cases, a procedure or function call does not require updating the display (or require its minor updates). In addition, in Burroughs 5000 and Elbrus, there were specialized display registers to represent the display by hardware. On the contrary, in RISC architectures (like SPARC), there is a large pool of general-purpose registers, but there are no speci c display registers. The question arises: How can the display for RISC architectures be represented The answer is: If a procedure needs a display to address uplevel variables (variables of enclosing procedures), the code generated for that procedure should have a special prologue to create and store the display in the stack activation record of this procedure call. This idea was used in Sun s SPARC Pascal compiler we were responsible for in the 1990s.
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