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The 10.accdb example database includes frmWithDemo (see Figure 10.21), which contains all the code discussed in this section. Each of the three command buttons along the bottom of this form uses different code to loop through the Controls collections on this form, changing the font characteristics of the controls.
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Table 2.7 Trust Policies for Internet Services SERVICE 1 Public SERVICE 2 SERVICE 3 SERVICE 4 SERVICE 5
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Aversive therapies are designed to reduce the reinforcing properties of drinking by changing the valence of drinking-related cues from positive to negative through counterconditioning procedures. In this technique, an aversive unconditioned stimulus is paired with a reinforcing conditioned stimulus, such as alcohol use. The goal of this classical conditioning procedure is for the client to experience an aversive conditioned response to alcohol and to avoid drinking after the conditioning has occurred. Two forms of aversive stimuli that have been shown to reduce a person s desire to drink are electric shock and nausea-inducing drugs, such as disul ram (Antabuse) and calcium carbimide. Nauseainducing drugs are more effective than electric shock, although both of these aversive techniques pose both ethical and procedural problems ( 4). A more cognitive-behavioral version of aversive therapy involves imaginal pairing of unpleasant events with alcohol, rather than actual in vivo pairing. This procedure, called covert sensitization, includes three phases (Rimmele et al., 1989). In the rst phase, the client is guided through positive imagery of drinking and then an aversive response such as vomiting. In the second phase, the aversive imagery is paired with suggestions of nondrinking alternatives, allowing the client to escape the negative consequences if he/she chooses not to continue drinking. Finally, in phase three, non-drinking alternatives are given prior to the experience of any aversive consequences, allowing the client to avoid them if he/she chooses not to drink in the rst place. Despite their promise and empirical support, aversion therapies may be useful only for initial abstinence and have not been utilized very heavily by alcohol treatment providers.
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120 Your Financial Action Plan
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2.7.3 Closed Loop Performance
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EXHIBIT B.6 Process Project Management
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Fact, Fiction, and the Feeling of History
How Much Can You Spend 83
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