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dreams and portents for him. While Daniel does not write, he does engage in interpretation. As the career of Nehemiah demonstrates, Jewish courtiers were a historical reality in the Persian era. Like the book of Esther, the first part of the book of Daniel takes this reality as the point of departure for its stories about the encounter between Jews and pagan kings, Babylonian and Persian, and their courtiers. These stories about Daniel and his friends, fellow exiles from Judah, probably date from the late Persian or early Hellenistic period. In them Daniel repeatedly demonstrates the greatness of the God of Israel to the king and his court by interpreting dreams and signs after the other wise men have been unable to do so. Both Daniel and his friends demonstrate God s greatness in another way as well, by refusing to worship other gods even when threatened with death. Each chapter of Daniel 2 6 consists of a self-contained story about Daniel or his friends. All of these stories are in Aramaic, as is the first of Daniel s visions in chapter 7. The first chapter of the book, an introduction to the Daniel stories, and the three remaining visions (Daniel 8 12) are in Hebrew. The linguistic situation appears to reflect the desire of the author of the visions to provide a strong connection between the visions and the older stories to which he attached them. Thus he wrote an introduction to the stories and the book as a whole in Hebrew so that the book begins and ends in Hebrew, and he wrote the first vision in Aramaic to create a stronger link between the Aramaic tales and the Hebrew visions. It is clear that there were more stories about Daniel in circulation in antiquity than made it into the biblical book. The Greek version of Daniel includes stories absent from the Hebrew/ Aramaic book, and a previously unknown story about Daniel was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. It appears, then, that the author of the book of Daniel chose some stories and rejected others for inclusion in his work, presumably on the basis of their relevance to his concerns. Thus, for example, the first of Daniel s visions (Daniel 7) takes up the four-kingdom schema of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, the great Babylonian king, that provides the plot of the first of the court tales (Daniel 2). More generally, the role of Daniel s angelic interlocutor in interpreting his visions in
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Long: Buying an investment security. Traders will go long when they expect the instrument to increase in value. Moneyness: A term to de ne whether an options contract is in-themoney, at-the-money, or out-of-the-money. Near-the-money: Refers to an option with a strike price that is almost equal to the current market price of the underlying security. Out-of-the-money: Refers to an options contract that has no intrinsic value; for instance, a call option whose exercise price is above the current market price of the underlying security or futures contract. Root symbol: The rst part of an options symbol that represents the underlying security. For instance, the root symbol for International Business Machines is IBM. Series: All option contracts of the same class that also have the same unit of trade, expiration date, and exercise price. Short: Selling an investment security in anticipation that the price will fall. Strike price: A price at which the stock or commodity underlying a call or put option can be purchased (call) or sold (put) over the speci ed period. Symbol: A three-, four-, or ve-letter sequence that denotes a stock, option, or futures contract.
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Eggs and Egg-Based Products
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This book s CD contains an Excel spreadsheet created by exporting the Products table from the Collectible Mini Cars application. Use this file to practice linking to Excel data, keeping in mind that, in practice, the data you re likely to encounter in Excel spreadsheets is far more complex and less orderly than the data contained in the Products.xls file.
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12.4.4 Stage 4
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If you perform these steps correctly and widen the column to display the entire expression, the cell should look like Figure 18.5. The DateAdd() function adds 45 days to the InvoiceDate in tblSales. The d signifies that you are working in days rather than months, weeks, or years.
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Principal concept of quality assurance Objectives of quality Responsibilities for quality Stakeholder expectations The concept of process The role of processes The roles of documentation and training in support How to apply different standards
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Creating a new product object requires you to use the New keyword. This statement is one way to create a new instance of a product object from the clsProduct1 class module:
The New Connection Wizard, which comes with Windows XP, tends to kick in automatically whenever you try to access the Internet when you re not connected. If you already have an Internet connection and the wizard kicks in, you should just cancel the wizard and close the program that caused the wizard to start. Then, get online, and restart the program that made the wizard pop up. The only time you really want to use the New Connection Wizard is when you ve already signed up for an account and have received your account information from your ISP. Again, you should definitely do whatever the ISP tells you to do to set up your account. But, if that doesn t work, or if your ISP tells you to use the Internet Connection Wizard or New Connection Wizard, here s how you can pursue that course of action: 1. Click the Start button, and choose All Programs Accessories Communications New Connection Wizard. 2. From the first wizard screen, click the Next button.
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