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Using collection folders
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Preventing spyware
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Brealey and Myers (1991), p. 401, who use this term for the overall value of the firm. 52See Schmidt and Terberger (1997), p. 59. 53As, for example, described by Copeland et al. (1994). 54This definition excludes changes in operations. 55See Smith (1995), p. 23. 56See Fenn et al. (1997), p. 16. 57For example, a static portfolio investment strategy can achieve only inferior payoffs to a strategy using derivatives. 58See Stulz (2000), pp. 2-48 and 2-51. 59See Froot et al. (1993), p. 1630. 60See Allen and Santomero (1996), p. 2.
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If you see a feed that looks interesting, click it in the drop-down menu under the Feeds button. You ll come to a new page that shows current feeds. If it looks interesting, you can subscribe to the feed. Most subscriptions are free. And you can unsubscribe at any time, so you re not making any big commitment when you subscribe to a feed. To subscribe, click + Subscribe to this feed on the feeds page. You ll see a dialog box like the one in Figure 17.14. To subscribe to a feed, just click the Subscribe button. FIGURE 17.14
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chants. Similarly, when a woman drives in her sedan to the mall, she chooses a blouse from among the stores in the mall. If she wants to, she can drive another forty- ve minutes to a discount store like TJ Maxx or Frugal Fannies, where it is possible (though she can t be sure beforehand) that she ll nd the exact same blouse at 50 percent off. But most women won t take the time to go nd out. In the cases of both the villager and the mall shopper, the actual supply of whatever they were seeking is many times larger than the supply around which they must make their purchase decisions. However, it simply isn t practical for consumers to locate and include all of the actual supply when making their decisions. Instead, consumers make their purchases from the supply they can easily nd the apparent supply. While there is no evidence that the Internet increases the actual supply of goods in any consumer market, it clearly increases the apparent supply. . . . Once on-line . . . consumers can visit both upscale shops and discounters without moving an inch. In addition, new price-comparison engines sift through hundreds of web sites, searching for the best price on a given item.As a result, the Internet is driving up the quantity of goods that consumers can see and driving down prices.52
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Part I: Access Building Blocks
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Keeping the user informed
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client s priorities and the resources of your company to offer ideas, strategies, and tactics that address the client s greatest challenges, even if those offers don t lead to a speci c sale for you. If your contributions are meaningful, the work will eventually ow your way. Naturally, clients expect you to advance ideas for new initiatives that you can support with your services. For instance, a tax adviser, in the course of preparing a client s return, might spot an opportunity to minimize future taxes and might propose to conduct a study to explore the possibility. Similarly, an accountant might detect a weakness in a client s management reporting system and suggest improvements. Once you ve established a trusted relationship with your client, you ll be able to surface genuinely useful ideas. And the client will need your expertise to act on some of those ideas. Again, the real test of your commitment to the client s well-being, though, is whether you raise issues and ideas for services that your company can t provide. The best client relationship managers don t hesitate to suggest another resource if it serves the client s interests. In fact, they assist the client in locating the right service provider.
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Right off the bat, you can see there s a button for deleting all cookies, and all temporary Internet files. There s no harm in doing either, so you needn t be worried about using those buttons. The only side effect will be that some pages you visit after the site might take a little longer to download because you won t have any temporary copies of pages in your cache.
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