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Exhibit 5.13
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Fig. 13.23
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The Particle Flow Source option in the Create Particles menu is more than just a new particle system: It is a whole new interface and paradigm that you can use to control particles throughout their life. This is accomplished using the Particle View window where you can visually program the flow of particles.
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the thermostat. Steam may be from an outside source or self-generated. Exercise caution when operating all steam equipment.Steam can cause serious burns. Clean immediately after use to avoid food drying on surfaces. Disassemble the spigot and drain, and clean with a bottle brush.
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Your do not disturb options
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In some countries (including the United States), the banks have to carry the risks associated with new technology. Following a legal precedent, in which a bank customer s word that she had not made a withdrawal was found to outweigh the banks experts word that she must have done so [427], the U.S. Federal Reserve passed Regulation E, which requires banks to refund all disputed transactions unless they can prove fraud by the customer [276]. This has led to some minor abuse misrepresentations by customers are estimated to cost the average U.S. bank about $15,000 a year but this is an acceptable cost (especially as losses from vandalism are typically three times as much) [813]. In other countries such as Britain and Norway the banks got away for many years with claiming that their ATM systems were infallible. Phantom withdrawals, they maintained, could not possibly occur, and a customer who complained of one must be mistaken or lying. This position was finally demolished (in the Britain at least) when significant numbers of criminals were jailed for ATM fraud, and the problem couldn t plausibly be denied any more. (A number of these cases are described in [19, 20].) Until that happened, however, there were some rather unpleasant incidents that got banks a lot of bad publicity. Perhaps the worst was the Munden case. John Munden was one of our local police constables, based in Bottisham, Cambridgeshire; his beat included the village of Lode where I lived at the time. He came home from holiday in September 1992 to find his bank account empty. He asked for a statement, found six unexpected withdrawals for a total of 460 (then about $700), and complained. His bank responded by having him prosecuted for attempting to obtain money by deception. It came out during the trial that the bank s system had been implemented and managed in a ramshackle way; the disputed transactions had not been properly investigated; and all sorts of wild claims were made by the bank, such as that its ATM system couldn t suffer from bugs as its software was written in Assembler. Nonetheless, it was basically the constable s word against the bank s. He was convicted in February 1994 and fired from the police force. This miscarriage of justice was overturned on appeal, and in an interesting way. Just before the appeal was due to be heard, the prosecution served up a fat report from the bank s auditors claiming that the system was secure. The defense demanded equal access to the bank s systems for its own expert. The bank refused, and the court therefore disallowed all the bank s computer evidence including its bank statements. The ap-
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SLAC interprets the unacceptable loss rate as corresponding to a total packet loss rate of 10 12 percent. Still, there is a suprisingly good tolerance for lost packets in voice, leading to the observation that it is more important not to delay or jitter voice packets than it is to drop them (see Table 3.3) [Cottrell 1999]. In Table 3.4, SLAC figures reflect a current environment that includes IP telephony and X/Windows. They interpret the loss rate for VoIP by assuming the VoIP packets are spaced 20 milliseconds apart, so 10 percent loss causes 2 consecutive frames to be lost approximately every 2 seconds, while 2.5 causes the same loss every 30 seconds. VoIP runs over the user datagram protocol (UDP). Vern Paxson was quoted by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) as giving the conventional wisdom that 5-percent loss rates have a significant adverse effect on standard TCP. Effects become significant when loss rate exceeds 3 percent.
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Sometimes a report will contain a number of pages for each group of data. You might want to reset page numbering to 1 as each group prints, so that each group s printout will have its own pagenumbering sequence. For example, assume you re preparing a report with sales data grouped by region. Each region s sales may require many pages to print, and you re using the ForceNewPage property to ensure that grouped data doesn t overlap on any page. But how do you get the page numbering within each group to start at 1 The report s Page property, which you use to print the page number on each page of a report, is a read/write property. This means that you can reset Page at any time as the report prints. Use the group header s Format event to reset the report s Page property to 1. Every time a group is formatted, Page will be reset to 1 by the following code:
There are also some problems associated with MsgBox statements:
Case 2: Helping Your Employees Give 100 Percent Because of ongoing performance problems, management at Cascades Diamond, Inc. in Thorndike, Massachusetts, decided to survey its employees. The results showed that 79 percent of employees felt they weren t being rewarded for a job well done, 65 percent felt that management treated them disrespectfully, and 56 percent were pessimistic about their work. With the evidence clearly in front of them, management took the following steps to fix the company s problems: Step 1: Create a program based on the behaviors you want. Cascades Diamond s management team chartered a new club in the company, the 100 Club, to encourage and reinforce these particular behaviors:
and alert. The attack involved a mixture of standard e-war techniques, such as jammers and antiradiation missiles; cruise missile attacks on command centers; attacks by special forces, who sneaked into Iraq and dug up lengths of communications cabling from the desert; and, allegedly, the use of hacking tricks to disable computers and telephone exchanges. (By 1990, the U.S. Army was already calling for bids for virus production [518].) The operation successfully achieved its mission of ensuring zero Allied casualties on the first night of the aerial bombardment. Military planners and think tanks started to consider how the success could be extended. There is little agreement about definitions. The conventional view, arising out of Desert Storm, was expressed by Major YuLin Whitehead ([790, p 9]): The strategist . . . should employ [the information weapon] as a precursor weapon to blind the enemy prior to conventional attacks and operations. The more aggressive view is that properly conducted information operations should encompass everything from signals intelligence to propaganda; and, given the reliance that modern societies place on information, it should suffice to break the enemy s will without fighting.
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