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CrossReference To learn more about Applied IK and Interactive IK, see 38, Working with Inverse Kinematics.
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4.2 NCI Pattern
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29 Conquering Pop-Up Ads
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Five Questions for Each Task
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10 Grouping and Linking Objects
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For some clients, choosing a service provider is solely about price. In some instances, the lowest bidder wins, even if a better alternative is available. On the other hand, some clients select sellers based on price because they can t discern any difference between the competitors. That s a misconception you can correct. When buyers say, Your fee was too high for our budget, it may not really be about budget constraints. Instead, they may not nd the value-tofee ratio compelling enough to explore options for boosting the budget. Price is an important consideration in every selection process. But a higher-priced competitor can win if the client s perception of value justi es the fee. Again that perception depends on both your demonstrated understanding of the proposed initiative and your ideas and capabilities to get the work done. Will you get straight answers in a loss review meeting Maybe. It can be painful for buyers and sellers alike to sit through such discussions. Some clients will sidestep your questions to get the meeting over with as soon as possible, while others will bare their souls. In either case, you re only looking for a few areas to work on, so it s worth the investment of time, even if some people are reluctant to talk. When you hear, We picked another company, you will feel de ated. After all, most sellers pursue sales they believe are winnable. If you expend the time and effort to submit a proposal, the last thing you want is for a competitor to walk away with the business. But you can turn today s loss into tomorrow s win by eliminating guesswork and getting the story straight from the buyer, not your imagination. What you imagine is probably much worse than the truth. No one likes to lose. Try to keep your reactions in perspective and determine what you can do about it. You may nd that you gain more valuable insights from a loss than from a win, although it s clearly more attering to hear about why you won.
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Three double-blind randomized controlled studies of naltrexone in detoxi ed patients taking part in an outpatient treatment programme have been published at the time of writing. They mostly show a reduced risk of relapse [de ned as more than ve US standard drinks (65 g ethanol) in a day], over a 3 month study duration. The same result was found for nalmefene (Mason et al., 1999). In the two earliest studies that had the most unequivocal results, the effect size of naltrexone treatment in reducing the percentage of days drinking was 0.42 (Volpicelli et al., 1992) and 0.60 (O Malley et al., 1992; for review, see Volpicelli et al., 1995). An effect size of 1.0 means success in all patients and 0.0 in none. For comparison, the mean effect size in reducing depressive symptoms in meta-analyses of studies of uoxetine in the treatment of depression is around 0.4. In the rst Veterans Administration hospital study of Volpicelli et al. (1992), naltrexone treatment was associated with greater reduction in craving than placebo, but not with a signi cantly greater rate of total abstinence. The effect in reducing relapse (de ned as more than 5 drinks per day) was greatest when the subsample of those who had taken at least one drink during the study was examined. However, in the O Malley study there was an advantage to naltrexone in the numbers of patients who reported achieving total abstinence as well as a reduction of drinking overall. The marker of drinking, serum aspartate aminotransferase (AST) level, was signi cantly lower at 3 months in the naltrexone group compared to the placebo group for O Malley et al. (1992), with a similar but non-signi cant trend for the less speci c marker alanine aminotransferase. There was a non-signi cant trend in the study of Volpicelli et al. (1992) for lower serum AST and serum g-glutamyl transferase (GGT) levels in the naltrexone group compared to the placebo group. Subsequent analyses and further studies have found that compliance is critical. O Brien et al. (1996) showed that the naltrexone treatment effect in the study of Volpicelli et al. (1992) was higher among those who complied with medication than among less compliant
The Sleep-Disease Connection
6.1 Concurrency
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