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P r o c e d u r e 1. Trim and wash the celery. If it is very stringy, peel the outside of the ribs, or use the tender inner stems and save the outside ones for mirepoix. Cut into 11 2-in. (4-cm) lengths. Split broad pieces lengthwise so all pieces are about the same size. 2. Heat the butter in a braising pot and add the celery. Cook over moderate heat until the celery is just beginning to soften. 3. Add enough stock to cover the celery by about two-thirds. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cover and cook slowly in the oven or on the rangetop until tender, about 20 30 minutes.
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FIGURE 4.29. Diagram showing simulation results of Verilog test Bench module relational_tb.
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Per serving: Calories, 340; Protein, 7 g; Fat, 26 g (67% cal); Cholesterol, 50 mg; Carbohydrates, 5 g; Fiber, 1 g; Sodium, 230 mg.
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Installing a Program That Won t Install
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Social Marketing
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Can adequate intake be achieved by partial or total enteral feeding No Yes
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laments the unjust fate of his people (4 Ezra 3:1 5:19, 5:20 6:34, 6:35 9:25), a pivotal vision that transforms Ezra s view of the world (4 Ezra 9:26 10:59), two visions of the coming end (4 Ezra 11 12, 13), and finally a scene in which Ezra acts as a second Moses, dictating anew the books first revealed to Moses as well as seventy more (4 Ezra 14). Each unit is separated from the next by seven days, except for the fifth unit, the first eschatological vision, which comes the day after the transformative vision that precedes it, and the final revelation, which comes three days after the vision that precedes it. After each unit, Ezra s angelic interlocutor tells him how to prepare for the next vision; the preparation includes fasting (after the first two dialogues) and eating flowers in the field (after the third dialogue and the first eschatological vision), but also simply staying put (after the transformative vision and the second eschatological vision).
Herbed Lamb Sausage
Performance Tuning Your System
Pictures, Music, and Movies
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Tutorial: Making an airplane follow a looping path
strategic decisions and the firm s ability to create comparative advantages over their competitors ,116 conducting risk management without a clear strategy will not automatically increase (shareholder) value. However, so far, the most important rationale for risk management has typically been seen as the prevention of the bankruptcy117 of a bank. This rationale is also reflected in the regulatory constraints for financial institutions. On the one hand, merely to ensure a bank s long-term survival by avoiding lower-tail outcomes118 (i.e., extreme losses) will not completely satisfy the shareholders of a bank. On the other hand, treating risk management as a subobjective to value maximization or optimizing value subject to risk-management119 constraints will neglect the questions of why, how, and when risk management can contribute to value creation. Since many bank stakeholders are so concerned with the survival of the bank, the framework of simple value maximization needs to be expanded and adjusted in regard to banks and their risks to reflect a stakeholder approach that incorporates a risk-management orientation.
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This policy may seem to be just common sense, but it is surprisingly comprehensive and radical in technical terms. For example, it is strictly more expressive than the BellLaPadula model; it contains a BLP-type information flow control mechanism in principle 7, but also contains state. (A fuller discussion from the point of view of access control, and for a technical audience, can be found at [24].) Similar policies were developed by other medical bodies, including the Swedish and German medical associations; the Health Informatics Association of Canada, and an EU project (these are surveyed in [469]). However, the BMA model is the most detailed and has been subjected to the most rigorous review; it was adopted by the Union of European Medical Organisations (UEMO) in 1996. (Feedback from public consultation on the policy can be found in [25].)
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