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34 Working with the Track View
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In summary, the CO module is a conceptual design built to provide comparative analysis, including contribution and gross margins, for the controller, based on comprehensive capacity management and collaborative planning, used to support cost management, controlling, and performance monitoring, in order to take corrective action to support a changing organization. That is a lot of functionality packed into one sentence. In order for the Controlling module to provide this functionality, it is tightly integrated with the other core models. Exhibit 3.2 illustrates this integration. A single picture cannot clearly depict all of the integration points between the CO module and the other modules. This is an extremely simplified example. The point, however, should be very clear, since the CO module is the sender and/or receiver of most expenses, revenues, and allocations; it has hundreds of
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Part V
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PAR: A New Approach to Delegation First, they will fail in engaging their associates. The dialogue and discussion around these four questions allows people to own the project and commit to its completion. Second, a fully authored plan says subtly, I know everything there is to know about this. Don t give me any input. There is no leader alive who knows everything there is to know. Asking questions right at the start allows for all perspectives to be heard and will uncover issues that may never have been considered. Initiate delegation by having conversations around the four questions, either one on one or in a group. Enjoy rigorous discussion and debate, iron sharpening iron. Then write down the answers in a paragraph or two, no more than one page. What you will have at the end of this process is a co-created delegation plan that everyone owns. Remember the old Fram oil lter commercial In it, a gritty mechanic growls, You can pay me now or you can pay me later. The point of that commercial was that you can spend a few dollars on a clean oil lter from Fram now or thousands of dollars on a new engine later. The same is true for effective delegation. You can spend a few minutes establishing a clear plan for a project up front, or you can spend hours xing it after it is screwed up. The point of the four questions is not to get bogged down in detailed analysis, but to set some basic parameters at the outset of a project. After all, it is so much easier to prevent res than to put them out. A Act with Authority With a one-paragraph, or no more than a one-page, project plan, those on the receiving end of delegation can take action. Here too, however, some up-front clarity is critical. First, a person must know the nature of the authority they have to act with. A person may be asked to gather information, taking no action with it. A joint decision then can be made about the information, or a decision will be made by another group entirely, perhaps senior management. Clearly you don t want someone acting independently
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n Notify me if there are any new newsgroups: If you use Windows Mail to participate in newsgroups, choosing this option will ensure that you ll be notified when new newsgroups become available. n Automatically display folders with unread messages: If you use message rules to automatically route messages to folders, you should choose this option. Otherwise, if a message gets routed to a subfolder that s currently hidden in the Folders list, you might not be aware of the new message. n Use newsgroups Communities support feature: Choose this option to participate in newsgroups that offer technical support for Windows and other products. Under the Send/Receive heading, you ll find the following optional settings: n Play sound when new messages arrive: Choose this option to get a small sound alert when new e-mail messages are downloaded to your Inbox. Send and receive messages at startup: Choose this option if you want Windows Mail to auton matically send and receive messages as soon as you open Windows Mail. If you don t choose this option, you must manually send and receive messages. Choose Tools Send/Receive from the menu bar, or click the Send/Receive button in the toolbar to manually send and/or receive messages. n Check for new messages every x minutes: Choose this option if you want Windows Mail to automatically check for new e-mail messages. If you choose this option, you can also set the number of minutes between checks. n If my computer is not connected at this time: If you ve opted to let Windows Mail automatically check for new messages, use the drop-down button to choose whether or not you also want Windows Mail to connect automatically if it s offline. You can also specify whether or not this option overrides the Work Offline option described in the following sidebar. Under the Default Messaging Programs, you ll find options for making Windows Mail your default message handler. If you use multiple e-mail clients and messaging programs, only one can be the default. The default program is the one that appears at the top of the start menu. It s also the one that appears when you perform a messaging-related task from outside your messaging program. If either Make Default button is dimmed, that just means that Windows Mail is already the default messaging program. So you don t need to do anything else there. But if some other program becomes the default messaging program, and you want to switch back to Windows Mail, the Make Default button(s) will be enabled so you can go back to using Windows Mail as your default program.
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You re not limited to a single OR. Here s a search that shows all files that have .avi, .wmv, .mpg, and .mpeg extensions:
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2.3.2 Motivation and education
1. Open the Windows Firewall Control Panel applet by selecting Start Control Panel Allow a program through Windows Firewall. 2. On the Exceptions tab, make sure that File and Printer Sharing is selected (checked) as shown in Figure 39.1.
How to Live by Design, Not by Default
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