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Although it can t be edited in Max, the sound file can be shifted left or right to change its starting point. 3. Click the Move Keys button (or press the M key), and move the pogo stick position keys to line up with the waveforms in the sound track. 4. Click the Play Animation button, and the sound file plays with the animation.
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Morgan, D. (1995) Myiasis: the rise and fall of maggot therapy. Journal of Tissue Viability, 5 (2), 43 51. Morykwas, M.J., Argenta, L.C., Shelton-Brown, E.I., McGuirt, W. (1997) Vacuum-assisted closure: a new method for wound control and treatment: animal studies and basic foundation. Annals of Plastic Surgery, 38, 553 562. Moues, C.M., Vos, M.C., van den Bemd, G.J., Stijen, T., Hovius, S.E. (2004) Bacterial load in relation to vacuum-assisted closure: a prospective, randomised trial. Wound Repair and Regeneration, 12 (1), 11 17. Murray, Y. (1988) An investigation into the care of wounds in a health authority. Care, Science and Practice, 6 (4), 97 102. Myers, J.A. (1982) Modern plastic surgical dressings. Health and Social Services Journal, 92, 336 337. Myers, S.R., Grady, J., Soranzo, C. et al. (1997) A hyaluronic acid membrane delivery system for cultured keratinocytes: clinical take rates in the porcine keratodermal model. Journal of Burn Care Rehabilitation, 18, 214 222. Neubauer, G., Ujlaky, R. (2003) The cost-effectiveness of topical negative pressure versus other wound-healing therapies. Journal of Wound Care, 12 (10), 392 393. Newton, D.J., Khan, F., Belch, J.J., Mitchell, M.R., Leese, G.P. (2002) Blood ow changes in diabetic foot ulcers treated with dermal replacement therapy. Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, 41 (4), 233 237. Omar, A.A., Mavor, A.I.D., Jones, A.M., Homer-Vanniasinkam, S. (2004) Treatment of venous leg ulcers with DermagraftTM. European Journal of Endovascular Surgery, 27, 666 672. O Mathuna, D.P., Ashford, R.L. (2004) Therapeutic touch for healing acute wounds (Cochrane Review). Cochrane Library, Issue 2. John Wiley, Chichester. O Toole, E.A., Goel, M., Woodley, D.T. (1996) Hydrogen peroxide inhibits human keratinocyte migration. Dermatology Surgery, 22 (6), 525 529. Paterson, L.M. (1988) Military surgery: knights, sergeants and Ramon of Avignon s version of Chirugia of Roger of Salerno, in (eds) Harper-Bus, C., Harvey, R., The Ideals and Practice of Medieval Knighthood. The Bodell Press, Woodbridge, Suffork. Popp, A.J. (1995) Crossroads at Salerno: Eldridge Campbell and the writings of Teodorico Borgognoni on wound healing. Journal of Neurosurgery, 83, 174 179. Redekop, W.K., McDonnell, J., Verboom, P., Lovas, K., Kalo, Z. (2003) The cost effectiveness of Apligraf in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. Pharmacoeconomics, 21 (16), 1171 1183. Rees, J.E. (2003) Where have all the bubbles gone An ode to hydrogen peroxide, the champagne of all wound cleaners. Accident and Emergency Nursing, 11, 82 84. Reynolds, J.E.F. (ed.) (1982) Martindale: The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 28th edn. Pharmaceutical Press, London. Robson, M.C., Mustoe, T.A., Hunt, T.K. (1998) The future of recombinant growth factors in wound healing. American Journal of Surgery, 176 (suppl 2A), 80S 82S. Rode, H., Hanslo, D., de Wet, P.M., Millar, A.J., Cywes, S. (1989) Ef cacy of mupirocin in methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus burn wound infection. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 33 (8), 1358 1361. Russell, A.D., Hugo, W.B., Ayliffe, G.A.J. (1982) Principles and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation and Sterilisation. Blackwell Scienti c Publications, London. Schonfeld, W.H., Villa, K.F., Fastenau, J.M., Mazonson, P.D., Falanga, V. (2001) An economic assessment of Apligraf (Graftskin) for the treatment of hard-to-heal venous leg ulcers. Wound Repair and Regeneration, 8 (4), 251 257.
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Current BeforeInsert AfterInsert BeforeUpdate AfterUpdate Dirty Undo Delete BeforeDelConfirm AfterDelConfirm Error Filter ApplyFilter
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Cacao (ka ka oh) Cocoa. Calvados (cal vaw dose) An alcoholic beverage distilled from cider, made exclusively in the Normandy region. Canap (can ah pay) Bite-sized slice of sandwich or other type of bread,toasted or not toasted,which is spread or garnished with various ingredients. Canard (can arr) Duck or drake. Caneton (can e tone) Male duckling. Canette (can net) Female duckling. Canneller (can nel lay) To channel, to ute, to groove. Capre (capr) Caper. Caram liser (care a mel lee zay) To caramelize; to coat a mold with cooked sugar; to cook sugar until dark for use in other preparations (to coat or to make a sauce). C pe (sepp) Bolete or porcini mushroom. Champignon (shamp pin yon) Mushroom. Champvallon (shamp val lawn) Preparation of lamb chops cooked in the oven with potatoes and onions. Chantilly (shawn tee yee) Whipped cream to which sugar and vanilla have been added. Chapelure (shap a lure) Dried bread crumbs made from both the crust and center of dried bread. Used for breading. Charlotte (shar lott) (1) A dessert made in a special mold. (2) A savory preparation made in this mold. Chaud-Froid (show fwah) A dish prepared hot but served cold and covered with a specific sauce (sauce chaud-froid, made from 1 3 velout , 1 3 gelatin, and 1 3 cream). Chemiser (shem ee zay) To line the interior of a mold before lling. Ch vre (shevr) Goat. Chiffonade (shi foe nod) Leafy herbs and greens that are nely shredded. Chinois (shee nwah) China cap sieve; a ne conical strainer. Chiqueter (sheek ah tay) To lightly score the cut edges of puff pastry to help ensure that it rises straight and evenly. Cidre (seedr) Hard cider. Ciseler (see ze lay) (1) To score; to make incisions in certain sh in order to facilitate cooking. (2) To nely mince; a manner of nely cutting onions, shallots, and garlic. Citronner (see trone nay) (1) To rub foods with lemon to prevent them from discoloring. (2) To add lemon juice. Clari er (clare re fee ay) (1) To clarify;to clear a cloudy liquid by straining, heating, and gently simmering with egg whites. (2) Process of separating milk solids from butter. Clouter (cloo tay) To stud; to pierce cured tongue with strips of truf e; to pierce an onion with a whole clove. Coller (cole lay) To thicken or set using gelatin, as in making jelly or fruit mousse. Concasser (cone cas say) To break up coarsely with a knife or mortar. Concass (de tomates) (cone cas say duh to maht) Peeled,seeded,and diced tomatoes.
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alyst s favorable research (as long as guidance was conservative) on which to build. In fact, research reports and analyst recommendations are reliable third-party sources for reporters. Therefore, if done properly, the media can be an effective source for the capital markets, generating broader awareness and attracting potential investors and new analysts. PR and IR as an integrated communications approach offers checks and balances to make sure that each is helping the other to put the message forward as effectively as possible.
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Many of these items, such as crackers and melba toasts, can be purchased readymade, but bread and toast cutouts are the most widely used and offer the lowest food cost, though they require more labor. Untoasted bread for canap s should be rm enough to allow the nished product to be handled easily.It may be cut thick and attened slightly with a rolling pin to make firmer.Toast is, of course, firmer, and it gives a pleasing texture and crispness to the canap s.
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Top row: black turtle beans, dried fava beans. Bottom row: Swedish brown beans, calypso beans, ageolet beans.
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1 pound = 31 2 cups 1 cup = 4.5 ounces
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Working with Boolean objects can be difficult. If you try to perform a Boolean operation on an ill-suited object, the results could end up being erratic. As you prepare objects for Boolean operations, keep the following points in mind: Avoid meshes with long, skinny polygon faces. All faces should have roughly equal lengths and widths. The ratio of edge length to width should be less than 4 to 1. Avoid curved lines where possible. Curved lines have the potential of folding back on themselves, which causes problems. If you need to use a curve, try not to intersect it with another curve; keep the curvature to a minimum. Unlink any objects not involved in the Boolean operation. Linked objects, even if they don t intersect, can cause problems. If you re having difficulty getting a Boolean operation to work, try applying the XForm modifier (found in the Modifiers List) to combine all the transformations into one. Then collapse the Stack, and convert the objects to Editable Mesh objects. This technique removes any modifier dependencies. Make sure that your objects are completely closed surfaces with no holes, overlapping faces, or unwelded vertices. You can check these criteria by applying the STL-Check modifier or by looking at all sides of the objects in a viewport with Smooth Shading enabled. Make sure that all surface normals are consistent: Inconsistent normals cause unexpected results. You can use the Normal modifier to unify and flip all normals on an object. The Show Normals option in the viewport can also help. Collapsing the Stack after all Boolean operations have been performed eliminates dependencies on the previous object types.
Figure 5.3 Economic capital. Note: Again, the Expected Return should be farther to the left than actually depicted.
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Creaming method. Cream peanut butter with the fat and sugar.
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