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$$ Recovered = Actual loss x Amount of insurance Coinsurance % x FMV property at time of loss
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Interaction metaphors:
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Yield: 2 qt (2 L) batter, enough for about 30 large or 50 medium pancakes
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The Mac OS@operating system uses icons with names to represent files, folders, disks, printers, and many other objects in its user interface. However, even experienced users occasionally need some basic information about an object, for example to find out what application created a certain file. Referring to printed documentation, or even to an on-
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As a member of the advisory board for Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura, I ve seen this organization in action since its inception nearly two decades ago. With sites around the country, Cancer Support Community is dedicated to providing emotional support, education, and hope to people with cancer and their loved ones, free of charge. Through participation in its professionally led support groups, educational workshops, social activities, and stressreduction classes, cancer patients learn vital skills that enable them to regain control, reduce isolation, and restore hope, regardless of the stage of their cancer. Working in conjunction with professional medical teams, past cancer survivors, and volunteers, patients can help transform this dreaded diagnosis by becoming patient active and doing everything they can to This . . . is about living, ght the disease. Optimistic ghting to recover, and, if patients are realists. They possible, recovering. It s about don t disregard the mortality participating in the ght for statistics; they just do what recovery being a patient they can to make their survival active instead of a passive, more likely. If not, they nd hopeless, helpless victim of the ways to affect their quality of illness. It s about life in the days that they have. hope . . . always hope. In With our strong depenessence it is about the dence on medical technology, conversion from victim to drugs, and treatment protocols, victor. it is all too easy to become a Harold Benjamin, PhD passive patient who relies on
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Studies of Intensive vs. Briefer Treatment
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When dictating in Microsoft Word, you can type special characters by saying their names, as listed in Table 9-2. Notice that I ve spelled some double words, such as OpenParen, as one word, because you want to say the name as though it were one word. So, I intentionally spelled each word exactly as you should speak it. You must be in Dictation mode, not Voice Command mode, for the special characters to be typed correctly.
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Table 10.15 Input parameters mixed queueing network
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