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Transaction-based System At its root, SAP is a transaction-based system and provides audit trails throughout the system for all postings, including any ABC assignments. Also, if data is to be interfaced into SAP, it is rarely directly input into the database. Data is posted through transactions in order to pass the checks and balances within SAP. Transactions create a clear audit trail that lends credibility to reports by means of drill-down to posted documents and line items. For example, the drill-down of a revenue line in a profit report out of the Controlling module will drill back to a line item on a particular sales order in the Sales and Distribution module. A stand-alone system is normally uploaded with summarized data directly into the database. Also, due to the aggregation of the data, when an anomaly is detected, in stand-alone systems it is not possible to continually drill back to the originating transaction, which normally indicates the cause of the exception. Currency
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In the early stages, following the circumstances that led to an altered body image, some patients appear to be quite euphoric. This is due to simple relief at having survived. After a while the patient s attitude is likely to change. Common problems that can occur include: a sense of loss, similar to bereavement. anxiety related to diagnosis, especially if it is cancer. loss of sexual function, which may be related to type of surgery or trauma or to either of the previous problems. withdrawal from social relationships with family or signi cant others, possibly due to a malodorous wound or any of the previous problems. The role of the nurse is to assist the patient to develop a reintegrated body image (Burgess, 1994). This may be achieved in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most important is accepting patients as they are, at whatever stage they have reached. Allowing patients to express their feelings and providing them with matter-of-fact information, such as an honest appraisal of the progress of the wound, is bene cial. It is also essential to include family and/or signi cant others in the patient s care and in any education programme. Good management of the wound should prevent odour or leakage, which helps to boost con dence. Burgess also suggests that if patients are having dif culty coping, it may be necessary to emphasise the importance of the surgery for the health of the individual and the fact that it does not change them as a person. As already discussed under Anxiety (section 2.3.1), preoperative information and counselling are most important. Kelly (1989) studied 67 patients who had undergone head and neck surgery. Generally, they said they were more anxious before surgery than after but 42% of men and 21% of women would have liked more information. Another study by Elspie et al. (1989) found that 41% of patients suffered psychological stress following major surgery for intraoral cancer. In many areas, specialist nurses are employed to give help and support to patients, such as colorectal nurses or breast care nurses. They can build up a relationship with their patients which can give patients the con dence to express their feelings freely. In other circumstances, it may be a nurse who already has a good relationship with a patient who is able to provide this service.
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Function AttachExcel( _ ByVal sFileName As String, _ ByVal sTableName As String, _ ByVal sRangeName As String _ ) As Boolean Const conCannotOpen = 3432 Const conNotRange = 3011 Const conTableExists = 3012 Dim db As DAO.Database Dim td As DAO.TableDef Dim sConnect As String Dim sMsg As String Dim sFunction As String On Error GoTo HandleError AttachExcel = False sFunction = AttachExcel Check for existence of worksheet: sFileName = CurDir() & \ & sFileName If the file isn t found, notify the user and exit the procedure: If Len(Dir(sFileName)) = 0 Then MsgBox The file & sFileName _ & could not be found MsgBox Please move the file to _
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Capital Budgeting in Banks
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