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21.2.5 Discussion
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5.5.2 Management of fungating wounds
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Local processing
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James (1996), p. 5. Froot/Stein (1998b), p. 60. 117See James (1996), p. 5. 118See Crouhy (1999), p. 5.
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A simple example of an authentication device is an infrared token used in some multistorey parking garages to enable subscribers to raise the barrier. This first transmits its serial number and then transmits an authentication block that consists of the same serial number, followed by a random number, all encrypted using a key that is unique to the device. I will postpone discussion of how to encrypt data and what properties the cipher should have; here, I will simply use the notation {X} K for the message X encrypted under the key K. Then the protocol between the access token in the car and the parking garage can be written as: T ! G : T, {T, N} KT This is the standard protocol engineering notation, and can be a bit confusing at first, so we ll take it slowly. The in-car token sends its name, T, followed by the encrypted value of T concatenated with N, where N stands for number used once, or nonce. The purpose of nonce is to assure the recipient that the message is fresh, that is, it is not a replay of an old message that an attacker observed. Verification is simple: the parking garage server reads T, gets the corresponding key, KT, deciphers the rest of the message, checks that the plaintext contains T, and, finally, that the nonce N has not been seen before. One reason many people get confused is that to the left of the colon, T identifies one of the principals (the token that represents the subscriber), whereas to the right it means the name (that is, the serial number) of the token. Another cause of confusion is that once we start discussing attacks on protocols, we can suddenly start finding that the token T s message intended for the parking garage G was actually intercepted by the freeloader F and played back at some later time. So the notation is unfortunate, but it s too thoroughly entrenched now to change easily. Professionals often think of the T ! G to the left of the colon as simply a hint of what the protocol designer had in mind. The term nonce can mean anything that guarantees the freshness of a message. A nonce may, according to the context, be a random number, a serial number, or a random challenge received from a third party. There are subtle differences between the
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At any time, clicking the Design View button on the ribbon returns you to Query Design view.
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Portions: 24 Portion size: 6 oz (175 g)
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Roasting and baking are the same process. Cutting up the chicken doesn t change the cooking method. Baked chicken or turkey parts are treated like roasted poultry. Chicken parts are sometimes coated with seasoned crumbs or our and rolled in fat before baking.Such products are sometimes misleadingly called oven-fried because of their resemblance to breaded fried chicken.
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Then the number of ways to distribute N. Ic tasks to all nodes is given by the following expression:
n Internet Explorer Protected Mode enabled: In Protected Mode, Internet Explorer protects your computer from malware (malicious software) that could harm your computer. It also allows you to install safe downloaded software from a standard user account. n Prompts before downloading potentially unsafe content: Displays a warning whenever you re about to download potentially unsafe software. If you trust the software you re about to download, it won t prevent you from doing so. But it will prevent bad Web sites from sneaking malware onto your computer without your knowledge. n Unsigned ActiveX controls will not be downloaded: An ActiveX control is like a tiny program that can make your computer do things. (Web pages and pictures can t make your computer do things.) A signed ActiveX control is one in which the author of the control can be identified and held accountable for any harm it causes. There probably is no reason to change the Security level for the Internet zone. If you have an account at a trusted Web site that won t work properly with these settings, it s really not necessary to lower the security level for all sites just to accommodate that one site. Instead you can put that site in your Trusted Sites zone and lower the security settings there. (More on the Trusted Sites zone in a moment.) Rather than settle for one of the security levels along the slider, you can click Custom level and define your own security restrictions for the zone. However, many of the options provided require advanced professional knowledge that goes beyond the scope of this book. The Trusted Sites zone is where you can put Web sites you trust that don t work properly in the Internet zone. To put a site in that zone, click the Trusted Sites icon and click Sites. Type the site s URL (if it isn t already in the box) and click Add. By default, you ll be limited to adding secure sites to that zone. A secure site is one whose address starts with https:// rather than http://. But you can eliminate that restriction by clearing the Require server (https://) for all sites in this zone checkbox. The security level for Trusted sites is Medium. You can reduce that to Medium-low or Low. Use the Restricted Sites zone for sites you visit regularly but don t really trust. The security level for Restricted sites is High, which will make it extremely difficult for the Web site to sneak anything past you.
Think again of what your highest vision of yourself would be. When picturing your highest vision of yourself stop and ask, Are the words I use in alignment with my highest vision of myself If not, then change the way you are talking. Saying things like, I have never been able to do that well will only perpetuate the fact you will not ever be able to it well. Saying I m not good at math does not make you better at math. Saying Food always goes straight to my thighs means you are going to have fat thighs as a result of your eating. I always get a cold this time of year is the surest way I know of to catch a cold. What you say programs what happens. Your words attract to you either the life you want, or the life you do not want. When I was in the telecommunications business, it got to the point I hated going to work. I had the Sunday Night Blues. Every Sunday night I would just get a bad feeling knowing the next morning I had to get up and go to an office and do something I did not like doing any longer. One day I told my wife, I d give anything to not have to do this any more. The Universe heard me and started to attract that result into my life. The problem was that the Universe did not hear me very clearly. It thought I had said that I would give
into the market for textiles and watches, if aluminum and plastics are replacing steel and copper, then it will be no good, according to this position, to pay higher salaries to schoolteachers, to build new hospitals, or to give fertilizer and farm machinery to underdeveloped countries. Even worse. If the economy is generally fully employed outside of the sick industries and if the increased incomes resulting from these increased public expenditures are spent in the general economy, the impact of the government programs could be in ationary even though large numbers of men are still unemployed. This is invalid on two counts. First, it again makes government the sole villain of the piece, when private industry may be in the same position. For example, let us assume that all of the unemployment in the economy is structural. Then any broadside program of government spending or any public expenditure outside the depressed areas would have only a delayed and indirect effect on employment rates there and might simultaneously ignite in ationary embers in the rest of the economy. But obviously any increase in expenditure, any effort to expand output in the operating sector of the economy will have the same effect, whether it occurs in the public or the private sector. Thus, if it is a mistake to raise teachers salaries, build hospitals, and ship agricultural equipment abroad, it is equally wrong to improve the pay of stenographers, produce more television sets, and export
Data Collector Sets and Reports are very involved topics. For this reason, I cover the basics in this section and suggest searching Help and Support for Data Collector Sets to get more details.
Imagine trying to animate a bunch of marbles falling into a glass bowl. If you were using keyframes, determining whether an object overlaps another would be difficult, but with this quick example, we see the power of reactor. To animate marbles falling into a glass bowl, follow these steps: 1. Open the Glass bowl of marbles.max file from the Chap 43 directory on the DVD. This file includes a glass bowl and several marbles positioned above its opening. 2. Select reactor Create Objects Rigid Body Collection, and click in the Front viewport to create the icon. In the RB Collection Properties rollout, click the Add button to open the Select Objects dialog box. 3. In the Select Objects dialog box, click the All button and then the Select button to select and make all objects in the scene rigid body objects. Then right click to exit Rigid Body Collector mode. 4. Select the Box and sphere objects that make up the floor and bowl, select reactor Open Property Editor, and enable the Unyielding option. This prevents these two objects from moving. Then select the sphere bowl object, and enable the Concave Mesh option. 5. Select all the marble objects in the scene, and set the Mass value to 5.0. 6. Then select reactor Preview Animation to open the Preview window, and press the P key to start the simulation. 7. If the animation looks fine, select reactor Create Animation to have reactor compute all the keys. Figure 43-2 shows the bowl full of marbles positioned using reactor.
If your taskbar doesn t show the Quick Launch toolbar, right-click the clock and choose Toolbars Quick Launch. (Use the same steps to hide the Quick Launch toolbar if you don t want it on your taskbar.) If there are more buttons on the toolbar than can fit, you ll see a >> symbol at the right side of the toolbar. Click that to see additional Quick Launch icons, like the example in Figure 2.25. FIGURE 2.25
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