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Create a power plan
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As indicated in Figure 3.12, many-to-many relationships are somewhat more difficult to understand because they can t be directly modeled in relational database systems like Access. Instead, the many-to-many relationship is broken into two separate one-to-many relationships, joined through a linking table (called a join table). The join table has one-to-many relationships with both of the tables involved in the many-to-many relationship. This principle can be a bit confusing at first, but close examination of Figure 3.12 soon reveals the beauty of this arrangement. In Figure 3.12, you can see that student ID 2 (Michael Barde) belongs to the music club (Club ID = 7), while student ID 12 (Jeffrey Wilson) is a member of the horticulture club (Club ID = 2). Both Michael Barde and Jeffrey Wilson belong to the photography club (Club ID = 3). Each student belongs to multiple clubs, and each club contains multiple members. Because of the additional complication of the join table, many-to-many relationships are often considered more difficult to establish and maintain. Fortunately, Access makes such relationships quite easy to establish, if a few rules are followed. These rules are explained in various places in this book. For example, in order to update either side of a many-to-many relationship (for example, to change club membership for a student), the join table must contain the primary keys of both tables joined by the relationship. Many-to-many relationships are quite common in business environments:
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Adding image layer events
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Accrual. Costs need to be matched to sales in a period and must be accounted for in the same period as the sales with which they are associated, regardless of when they are paid. Capital items (capital equipment, vehicles, buildings, loans) are not included in the P&L, only the cost of using them (depreciation, interest). Depreciation is a purely notional amount and does not involve cash. The main differences between pro t and cash are summarized in Box 8.6.
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ompared to most machines, a computer requires virtually no maintenance. That s because there are no moving parts to speak of. Just lots of little electrons whizzing around at the speed of light through microscopically small wires. The real workhorse of your computer is its central processing unit (CPU). It s a tiny chip that s smaller than your thumbnail, and there are several brands and models of them on the market, including Intel s Pentium and Celeron processors, and AMD s Athlon and Sempron processors. The information on which the CPU does its work is stored in random access memory (RAM), often referred to as memory. The memory in your computer is just a few thumbnail-sized chips, and again there are no moving parts. The hard disk determines how long it takes to open and save files. As you ll learn in this chapter, there are ways to control how Windows uses the CPU and memory. And there are things you can do to keep your hard disk running at tip-top speed.
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Before I tell you how to get pictures from a digital camera, let me say that I m talking about the digital cameras that connect through a USB cable and appear as a USB mass storage device. If the method described doesn t work for your camera, see the manual that came with that camera for details. You may have to install and use the software that came with your camera to get pictures from it. But the following steps will work with most modern digital cameras:
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Notice that both the AppTitle and AppIcon properties are string data types (dbText).
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39: Troubleshooting Printing and Faxing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 869
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There are some general rules that can help solve the dilemma of whether or not to purchase a long-term care policy. These general rules divide Americans into three groups. Those with relatively low incomes and net worth don t have much choice. They cannot afford long-term care insurance without significantly reducing their standards of living. Their best approach would be to use personal assets to pay for any long-term care expenses that arise, then rely on Medicaid or family members for any additional long-term care needs. The net asset level for this group varies, based on the area of the country and the cost of long-term care in that area. Most advisors put the top net worth of this group somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000. Even so, some in this group buy long-term care insurance because they want to leave money for their children and grandchildren. They don t want to take the risk of having their entire estates absorbed by long-term care costs. A better solution for them would be to buy life insurance. Usually it is less expensive than long-term care insurance and is guaranteed to pay benefits at some point. A second group is the wealthy. These people have high enough net worths that they don t need to worry about long-term care expenses bank-
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7r(3,2,4,1) = 7rr(3)* 7r2(2)* 7r3(4)* n-4(1) = 0.0000534.
Eat fermented soy foods on a daily basis with a sea vegetable. Eat organic animal and dairy products, free of hormones and drugs. Reduce saturated fat by eating no red meat and only organic fat-free yogurt from dairy. Have a green drink daily. Consume Omega-3 fatty acids high in DHA and EPA; and GLA. Use an herbal formula specifically for menopause daily. Use 2 teaspoons of immune-stimulating colostrum daily, in divided doses; use diindolylmethane (DIM) daily if you are on hormone replacement therapy.
The simplest way I ve found to create a low-res version of a color photograph, such as the one used in this example, is to open the color image in a program such as Adobe Photoshop and change the image from color to grayscale. To do this, choose Image Mode Grayscale, as shown in Figure 29.2. As soon as you have two versions of the image, use the following steps to insert the high-res and low-res versions in Dreamweaver.
Fruit Salsa (p. 199)
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