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Figure 47-17: This disco ball simply reflects the caustic photons around the room.
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For the final step we add a scenic forest backdrop to make the Rascoon feel more at home. To add a scenic backdrop, follow these steps: 1. Open the Environment & Effects dialog box by choosing Rendering Environment (or press the 8 key). Enable the Use Map check box, and click the Environment Map button labeled None. The Material/Map Browser dialog box appears. 2. In the right pane of the Material/Map Browser is a list of materials and maps. Doubleclick the Bitmap item. The Select Bitmap Image File dialog box opens. 3. Locate the background image named Forest scene.tif in the Quick Start directory on the DVD, and click it to select it.
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Storyboard of Sample Implementation
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Cache Tools Subdivision Surfaces Free Form Deformers Parametric Deformers
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